Millie Bobby Brown dresses in vintage attire for Halloween and shares rare pic with boyfriend Jake Bongiovi

Millie Bobby Brown takes a selfie
Millie Bobby Brown came through for her fans with a vintage Halloween outfit and a photo of her boyfriend. Pic credit: Instagram@milliebobbybrown

Millie Bobby Brown joined her fellow celebs in celebrating Halloween, even though she may not have had a specific idea in mind for her costume.

Millie Bobby Brown looked like she came from another era with her vintage costume

The Enola Holmes star, who will turn 18 on February 19th, looked as if she had just come from the 1970s as she embodied the look of Farrah Fawcett during the height of the feathered hair craze.

With a vintage ensemble that included large gold hoops, yellow-topped socks that went up to her calves, gold platform shoes, and, of course, feathered hair, Millie made it difficult to even remember that just a few short years ago she was sporting a shaved head to play Eleven in the hit show Stranger Things.

To complete her Halloween costume, the actress wore a strapless, above-the-knee dress that had a busy yellow, orange, and black pattern splashed in zig-zags all around it.

Some subtle makeup kept her face looking flawless as chunky mascara defined her lower lashes to give off a truly 70’s vibe.

Millie comically captioned the ensemble saying, “I don’t know who I am. Happy Hallo” while giving a shout-out to makeup artist Naoku Scintu, stylist Thomas Carter Phillips, and hairstylist Halley Brisker for helping put the whole look together.

Fans turned up to celebrate Millie’s costume choice, commenting with flame and heart emojis.

One fan wrote, “Do I know who you’re dressed up as? No. Do I think your costume is the absolute best and no one can top it? Absolutely,” in a show of support for the young star’s getup.

Fan's comment on Browns' costume
Pic credit: Instagram@milliebobbybrown

Millie just shared a rare pic on Instagram of boyfriend Jake Bongiovi and fans are in a tizzy

When news broke that Millie was dating Jake Bongiovi it was enough to get fans pretty excited and eager to see some pics of the new couple on Millie’s Instagram page.

The actress has kept her social media site pretty low-key in terms of her relationship with Jake and did not provide any fuel for her fan base to live off of in the form of a couple’s photo at the start of her relationship.

However, Millie did share a photo of the pair together back in June, as was reported on by Monsters&Critics, but the pic has since mysteriously vanished from the actress’ page.

Now, almost five months into her relationship, Millie finally came through for her followers just today with a snap of her and Jake.

The photo, albeit extremely blurry and therefore impossible to discern any recognizable facial features of either party involved, quickly became fodder for the tabloids and many confirmed that the person planting what looked like a kiss on Millie’s face was indeed Jake Bongiovi.

Fans pretty much had a meltdown over the fuzzy pic as they raced to comment on Millie’s Instagram page.

Millie's comment section
Pic credit: Instagram@milliebobbybrown

While some kept it simple with things like heart-eyed emojis, others seemed to be astonished at the photo and scrambled to figure out who the mysterious person was standing next to the starlet.

“DID I MISS SOMETHING,” wrote one person with another echoing their confusion over the shot, saying, “wait…who’s that?”

Despite the lack of definitions in the pic, it still was enough for Millie fans to lose it and they will surely now be chomping at the bit for more as time goes on.

With hype for season four of Stranger Things amping up, Millie is sure to continue to be in the spotlight as her star continues to rise.

Stranger Things 4 will come out on Netflix sometime in 2022.

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