Mariah Carey shared a pic of herself and boyfriend Bryan Tanaka after Nick Cannon hinted at wanting her back

Mariah Carey on the 2018 red carpet
Mariah Carey posted a photo with her current boyfriend after her ex-husband released a new song about her. Pic credit: ©

Is it cold in here? Or is it the shade that Mariah Carey may have just thrown at her ex-husband Nick Cannon after the release of his new song?

The pop sensation took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off a selfie of her and her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka celebrating “hour 23” of Valentine’s Day.

Mariah Carey posted the selfie shortly after Cannon released his new song Alone

Coincidentally, her ex-husband of eight years Nick Cannon released his new song just the day before.

Carey and her current boyfriend Tanaka first met back in 2006 when he toured as her backup dancer.

The two officially announced on social media at the beginning of 2017 that they were in a relationship.

The selfie showed the two in Valentine’s Day red-colored attire and was accompanied by the caption, “Valentine’s marathon continues. Hour 23!”

Tanaka also reposted the same photo to his Instagram feed with the similar caption, “My Valentine. #Hour23.”

The relation between Carey’s post and Cannon’s song

Although Cannon has become increasingly known for having many children with many different women rather than his music, everything about his new release on Monday points directly to Carey. Without even listening, there’s the title itself – Alone. Next, there’s the cover art for the track – a photo of a heart ripped in half. Cannon did not make it hard for fans to speculate the correlation behind it all.

The song itself begins with a muffled version of Carey’s song from her debut 1990 album, titled Love Takes Time. After 30 seconds of her voice, it switches to the Wild N’ Out star rapping his feelings over losing the one he loves and being alone.

To sum it up, Cannon basically says that he isn’t going to mess up his past lover’s current life, but wishes he could go back to the way they once were. He says if he’s being honest, he’s still “undecided” and cannot erase the memories he has with the singer.

Cannon also references the person of his affection having a boyfriend with the lyric, “I’ma keep my distance, stay in my lane cause I know you got a man, it’s a little too late.”

Cannon acknowledges the person’s current relationship and regrets being too late to change anything about it – even though he himself has a baby on the way with model Bre Tiesi.

Although the rapper hasn’t confirmed if the song is about Mariah or someone else, fans are confident that he’s referencing his one and only ex-wife.

Fans have made the connection with Mariah Carey’s post themselves

It didn’t take long for fans of the Shake It Off superstar to find the irony in the timing of Carey’s couple photo. User @ricky_withthegoodhair commented, “Oh she DEFINITELY heard the song. ILY Mariah”

Instagram comment about Carey hearing Cannon's song
Pic credit: @mariahcarey/Instagram

Another user commented back, “That’s exactly what I thought! She’s throwing it back at him in such a subtle way, reminding of what he could of still had instead of “Alone” haha.

Reply to Instagram comment about Carey's post
Pic credit: @mariahcarey/Instagram

User @viciouslyxo joined in to say, “Did this after hearing Nick wants you back lol. Queen.”

Instagram user calling Carey a queen
Pic credit: @mariahcarey/Instagram

Whether Cannon released the song as a ploy to win Mariah Carey’s heart back or to simply wish her well, or even if the song is meant for someone else, it seems like Mariah is doing just fine alongside her boyfriend Tanaka.

After all, 23 hours is a long time to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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They are great with all of the kids