Lizzie from Love After Lockup Instagram: Reality star addresses haters in new video

Lizzie on Love After Loclup
Lizzie is only accepting positivity. Pic credit: WEtv

Lizzie from Love After Lockup has gotten quite a response from fans. Her journey has been chronicled over two seasons, ending in a split from the man she was with while in prison.

There have been a lot of opinions about Lizzie and her actions on Love After Lockup. During Season 1, viewers were convinced Scott was just a trick. When the couple came back for Season 2 and ended up in the free world together, things went downhill quickly.

What is Lizzie from Love After Lockup up to now?

Following the season finale of Love After Lockup last week, Lizzie is a single woman. She learned that Scott had moved on with a woman named Jasmine (ironically the same name as her daughter but spelled differently) while he was still supposed to be with her.

The finale showed the two split up, but Lizzie revealed they had reconciled and were engaged up until the finale aired. There has been a lot of drama on Instagram between her and Scott. She accused him of cheating, revealed she offered to pay him back, and him begging her to unblock him.

Currently, Lizzie is working in a factory. She is living on her own and paying her own way. This is a huge change from scamming men out of their money while she was in prison.

Lizzie revealed that she was able to make several thousands of dollars by using men as tricks to be able to get what she needed while in prison.

Lizzie addresses the haters on Instagram

Since the finale aired last week, the comments on Instagram have been harsh according to Lizzie. She mentioned it during a recent video she shared on the social media network.

There are plenty of people who don’t buy that she changed, many of them leaving comments under various posts.

Addressing the haters isn’t something Lizzie wanted to do as she despises negativity and has been working toward a better relationship with God and maintaining her sobriety. She wants others to see that change is possible, and she revealed that living through what she did while in prison wasn’t easy.

It is unclear what is next for Lizzie from Love After Lockup. She is taking things day by day, living her life and steering clear from trouble.

Love After Lockup returns this summer to WETv.

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