Lindsay Lohan claims she was hacked after disgruntled comments to Tamar Braxton about Celebrity Big Brother

Lindsay Lohan on Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club on MTV
Lindsay Lohan claims she was hacked. Pic credit: MTV

Lindsay Lohan has been gaining attention for comments made in her name about the recent season of Celebrity Big Brother. Her mom, Dina Lohan finished in fourth place in the competition.

Tamar Braxton won the game with a unanimous vote. All of her fellow game players felt she was more deserving of the Celebrity Big Brother win than Ricky Williams. Of course, it didn’t appear that Lindsay Lohan was all too thrilled that Dina Lohan lost out.

Social media comments

On Twitter, Lindsay Lohan appeared to have called out Tamar Braxton for winning the game. She claimed that the reality star was not an ally of women and proceeded to slam her. Of course, fans of Braxton (and her sister Toni!) showed up to challenge Lindsay’s comments.

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have been waiting for Tamar Braxton to comment on the situation, knowing that the battle would be epic. As of now, she had not commented back to Lindsay Lohan about the verbal assaults she unleashed.

An apology is issued

Earlier today, Lindsay Lohan issued an apology about comments that were added to her Instagram post about Celebrity Big Brother. She thanked the network and the show for giving Dina Lohan a chance and stated that she had been hacked.

According to Lindsay Lohan, a former member of her team reportedly made comments on her behalf and has been internally dealt with. While that may have been believable given the reputation she has with past employees, many fans aren’t buying it.

All of the comments from Twitter remain and were not removed. If Lindsay Lohan was hacked, wouldn’t she have removed them?

The entire situation is strange, and fans have alluded to the fact that she mentioned MTV and Viacom in her apology. They have nothing to do with CBS or Celebrity Big Brother, so speculation is they threatened to pull her show.

The direction this is headed is unknown, but the situation continues to get more complicated as the days pass. Will Lindsay Lohan face fallout from the comments she claims she didn’t make?

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