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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott receive backlash after buying a school bus for daughter Stormi

Kylie and Travis enjoy lavishing gifts onto their daughter Stormi. Pic credit: ©ImageCollectAgency/ImagePressAgency

Kylie Jenner has once again shown the world just how much money she and boyfriend Travis Scott have to throw around.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum, 24, and her rapper/songwriter beau, 30, served up some more food for internet fodder after Kylie shared pics of the couples’ adorable 3-year-old daughter, Stormi, enjoying the entirety of a big yellow school bus all to herself.

Kylie said on her Instagram story that “all stormi has been talking about is riding a big yellow bus. daddy surprised her.”

Fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts about the extravagant gift for the toddler and the opinions were generally on the negative side of things.

“rich people are literally so far from reality they bought a school bus for stormi to sit on,” wrote one social media user while another commented on the snaps saying, “i feel like travis buying stormi a school bus so she can role play being a normal kid is going to be an event she’ll have to unpack in therapy one day.”

Others chimed in to the conversation with quandaries about how else the power couple could’ve chosen to spend their money, perhaps giving it to “someone who really needs it” as one user suggested.

Kylie and Travis have spent tens of thousands on gifts for Stormi

While the pics and decision to buy a bus just to let their toddler check it out had some seriously scratching their heads and seemingly feeling quite disgruntled about the whole idea, this is not the first time the pair have lavished expensive and fancy gifts upon Stormi.

Even as a baby, Stormi has not wanted for anything. Kylie and Travis spent $3,500 on a changing table for their newborn, a stylish and posh piece of furniture from Bancroft, as reported by The Richest in March of this year.

The magazine also listed a $12,500 backpack from the brand Hermes, a $15,000 pink Hermes handbag, a $20,000 outdoor playset complete with swings, slide, and a bridge, a shoe collection valued around $20,000, a gigantic birthday bash for the tot’s second trip around the sun that cost around $100,000, a $200,000 pony, and perhaps the most lavish of them all: a genuine diamond ring valued at a whopping $1 million dollars.

Pic credit: Twitter@sanstasty

Kylie is reportedly expecting baby #2 with Travis

Recent reports surfaced that Kylie and Travis are expecting another bundle of joy sometime next year, although the couple has yet to confirm the news.

A source confirmed that Kylie is pregnant and due possibly sooner than fans might have anticipated given the news just broke this week.

According to Life&Style magazine, the source revealed that Kylie has already surpassed the three-month mark and so the arrival of the next baby Scott could come in early spring of 2022.

Time will tell how much gifting will be bestowed upon the new addition but history certainly seems to lean in favor of Kylie and Travis’ second child enjoying just as many luxuries as big sister Stormi has in her three years of life.

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