Keanu Reeves doesn’t think director Lana Wachowski will make another Matrix movie

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Keanu Reeves has said that he doesn’t what’s next for The Matrix franchise. Pic credit: ©

The Matrix went headfirst into fan service in its latest installment. The movie wholeheartedly embraced the addictive romance between the series’ leads Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and brought high-action sequences and stunning visuals to the forefront.

Debuting in December 2021, The Matrix: Resurrections came eighteen years after the trilogy concluded its run. This had led many fans to wonder what’s coming next. Perhaps it’s a limited one-off revival, much like the television series Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and Dexter — but as each of the previous Matrix movies accomplished, the movie concluded in a way that could lead anywhere.

Keanu Reeves subtly tackled this topic during an interview alongside his costar, Carrie-Anne Moss.

Keanu Reeves doesn’t think there’s a future for The Matrix

Sorry to break the bad news to Matrix fans but Reeves does not think another movie in The Matrix franchise is coming. In a conversation with the Empire Podcast, the Canadian actor expressed that he doesn’t think The Matrix’s creator Lana Wachowski would be on board to write a fifth movie for the mega-franchise.

When asked about the hypothetical, Reeves said, “I don’t believe so. If I had to cast a vote, I would say that Lana would not do another Matrix.” But he also soothed some pressing woes by adding that if another movie is made, he would be “in.”

“We don’t know! We don’t know. But I’m there if it’s there,” the 57-year-old actor added. “If she invites me again, I’m in.”

Will Moss and Reeves reunite in John Wick?

But all hope might not be lost. in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Moss shared that she is a big fan of the John Wick movies — which is led by Reeves and former Matrix actor Laurence Fishburne. That means fans might be able to see the two actors acting alongside each other once again.

Moss told the entertainment outlet, “I love John Wick. I really started to understand Keanu’s outrageous gift for telling story through his body. And I didn’t fully understand that until I went deep into John Wick with one of my children.”

“It was very bonding for us too. It was amazing to have that experience with my son and to watch the depth that Keanu is able to [create] with his body. It’s really an art form.”

As Moss was doing the interview along with Reeves, the interviewer was able to ask if there was an “opening for Moss” in the John Wick franchise. Reeves, agreeing with the general consensus, said, “That would be awesome.” He then asked Moss, “You want to play an assassin?”

The two bantered back and forth with Moss saying she’d “love it” and Reeves responding, “Be careful for what you wish for. I’m on it now.”

John Wick: Chapter 4 is expected to be theatrically released on March 24, 2023.

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