Kate Middleton, Prince William get unexpected benefits from Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Megxit

Kate Middleton, Prince William benefit from Megxit.
Kate Middleton, Prince William benefit from Megxit. Pic credit: ©

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit from Britain and the royal family (i.e., Megxit) hasn’t just changed their lives. Prince William (Harry’s brother) and Kate Middleton (Harry’s and Meghan’s sister-in-law) have experienced changes in their lives as well.

Moreover, in some ways, it appears that Middleton and Prince William have received unexpected benefits. Some have observed that the usually strict royal rules have relaxed as a result of Meghan and Harry heading to Canada to seek their fame and fortune.

From public displays of affection (PDA) that used to be on the never-ever-in-public royal family’s banned protocol to daring to have more fun in public, Middleton and Prince William appear to be enjoying their royal life more as an unexpected result of Megxit.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry say ‘bye Felicia,’ Kate Middleton and Prince William relax

Ever since Meghan and Harry left for Canada, Middleton and Prince William have benefited, an expert told the Sun.

Typically rigid royal rules on how members of the family can interact in public have become more relaxed, with Middleton and Prince William as the benefactors.

Before Megxit, Prince William and Middleton avoided any PDA. Now, however, they seem to touch each other in public more frequently.

Meghan and Harry were known for their affection toward each other, which they didn’t hide in public. Now that they’re gone, Middleton and Prince William seem to have taken over when it comes to the PDA that the royal family used to avoid, said body language expert Judi James.

She described Middleton and Prince William as previously exhibiting body language “on the side of bland, but it is also always pitch-perfect for their royal role.”

In contrast, Markle and Harry touched each other frequently in public. Post-Megxit, Kate and Prince William seemed to have learned from them and are following their lead.

“William and Kate do seem to be bringing more non-verbal signals and touches into their ‘routine’ post-Megxit though, apparently understanding that they can push the boundaries a little without suffering from obsessive interest and criticism,” clarified Judi.

Kate Middleton, Prince William maintain ‘royal tradition’ but show more ‘fun and love’

Don’t look for Middleton and Prince William to break free from royal tradition, however, as Meghan and Harry did.

Instead, James observed “an increase of rituals that are showing the fun and the love but without compromising royal tradition.”

For example, Middleton and her husband recently were on a royal walkabout. Prince William gave his wife a rose, a romantic gesture that showed her appreciation. The moment took place only a week after Harry and Meghan revealed their plans to exit the royal family, also known as The Firm.

And Prince William also hasn’t hesitated to reveal his love for his wife and daughter, pointed out Yahoo.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid a visit to South Wales recently, a woman told Prince William that his daughter, 4-year-old Charlotte, ranks as her favorite member of the royal family.

“Yes, she is lovely — just like my wife,” said Prince William sweetly.

It looks as if the famous royal silence on personal feelings has become somewhat relaxed since Megxit.

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