Jodie Sweetin’s daughter Zoie is her twin — Check them out side-by-side in sweet birthday snaps

Jodie Sweetin at the Winter TCA Tour
Actress Jodie Sweetin took to Instagram to share photos from her daughter Zoie’s 14th birthday. Pic credit: ©

Jodie Sweetin and her 14-year-old daughter Zoie have taken the term “mini-me” to a whole new level.

Jodie, most prominently known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on the 90s series Full House, has two daughters – Zoie Herpin and Beatrix Sweetin-Coyle.

On Wednesday, the proud mom took to Instagram to wish her oldest daughter Zoie a happy 14th birthday. She posted a series of photos surrounded by presents, family, and of course – red velvet birthday cake.

Jodie and her daughter Zoie look like twins side-by-side

In the first photo of the series, Jodie leaned in next to her daughter Zoie and the two appeared to look almost identical. Fans of the actress took notice right away of how similar the two looked when placed directly next to each other.

Jodie gave a touching shoutout to her daughter with a caption that started with, “Yesterday was my first born baby’s 14th birthday!!! I can’t believe it.”

“Zoie has grown up so much these last few years and I can’t tell you how PROUD I am of the young woman she is becoming,” she went on. “She is helpful, kind, hilarious, generous, a good friend and So much more. She got treats from her fabulous friends at school, the Pre-K class she helps with sang Happy Birthday to her (adorable!), my parents and her dad came over and we all ordered sushi and had Zo’s favorite Red Velvet cake to celebrate! A perfect day!”

Jodie then added the fact that she is looking forward to everything on the road ahead for her oldest daughter. “They say ‘the days are long, but the years are short’ when you’re raising kids… man, that hit me hard yesterday. It’s almost high school time for her… here’s to new adventures Zo. I’m ALWAYS here for you and you make me so proud to be your mama!!”

Jodie also posted another photo of her and her “mini-me” side-by-side a few days ago, in which she said the two were out for their annual shopping and lunch “birthday date.”

“I cherish these days getting to stroll the mall, talk about life, laugh and enjoy my almost 14 year old! They’re the best!! Reminds me of doing it with my mom when I was her age… it just goes by so quickly,” the actress wrote.

Fans commented on how much Jodie and Zoie look alike

One thing that followers of Jodie Sweetin noticed was how much her daughter truly resembles her. One user wrote, “Happy birthday to Zo! She stole your entire face!”

Comment on Jodie's Instagram
Pic credit: @jodiesweetin/Instagram

“Your twin!!! Happy birthday queen,” another user commented.

Comment on Jodie's post
Pic credit: @jodiesweetin/Instagram

“Happy Birthday!! She definitely is your mini me,” user @tatelizotte replied.

Comment calling Zoie Jodie's mini me.
Pic credit: @jodiesweetin/Instagram

Another follower wrote, “My goodness, she looks so much like you!!”

Comment saying Zoie looks so much like Jodie
Pic credit: @jodiesweetin/Instagram

Happy 14th birthday to Jodie Sweetin’s daughter and spitting image, Zoie!

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Sandra k nobles
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