Jinger Duggar’s ‘winter stroll’ outfit spotlights her fashion-forward sense

Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo and their daughter.
Jinger Duggar is fashion-forward. Pic credit: TLC

Jinger Duggar has proven over and over that the style and fashion world is where she belongs. Even when she lived in the Duggar compound before marrying Jeremy Vuolo, the Counting On star was always trying different makeup looks and hairstyles.

Debuting her “winter stroll” look on Instagram has fans and followers begging for more style and fashion tips. Since moving to Los Angeles last summer, Jinger Duggar has taken the Duggar world by storm. Her fashion and looks have been modernized, and she broke free of the rules set by her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Jinger Duggar is a style icon in a fashion-forward way

From her blonde hair to her jean-wearing posts, Jinger Duggar has been moving forward with fashion since 2016. Once she married Jeremy Vuolo, it was game on when it came to how she dressed and the photos she shared.

There has never been a moment where her clothing was inappropriate or provocative, but you wouldn’t know that by the responses Jinger Duggar gets when she shares her looks. Wearing pants was heavily forbidden when she was growing up, and now, she is constantly wearing them and seeing her in a skirt or a dress is less common.

Coloring her hair was another big deal for Jinger Duggar. She lightened her locks before moving to Los Angeles, and Jeremy Vuolo’s reaction was caught on camera for Counting On.

Seeing Jinger with lighter hair was something he was blown away by, complimenting her often. From the once-brunette to the blonde girl she is now, the Duggar daughter has transformed to fit her west coast life.

California living looks good on Jinger Duggar

Her winter stroll outfit shared on Instagram is getting raves from followers. Jinger Duggar always dresses chic, and this time, she could have graced the cover of a magazine. From her skinny jeans to the hat and the just above the ankle boots, her style is everything.

The transformation from homely Duggar daughter to fashion-forward pastor’s wife looks good on Jinger Duggar. She is comfortable wearing what she wants, and her husband supports her.

There were rumors that Jeremy Vuolo didn’t like how much Jinger had changed since they married, but he has continued to praise her at every turn.

If she is remembered for nothing else, Jinger Duggar will stand out as the Duggar daughter with the best fashion sense and the one who isn’t afraid to break the mold of what she thought she had to be.

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