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Jeopardy! fans take aim at Mattea Roach for being too ‘cocky’ after 15 wins in a row

Mattea Roach on Jeopardy!
Mattea Roach has been referred to as being too “comfortable” and “cocky” by Jeopardy! viewers. Pic credit: ABC

She may have earned herself some bragging rights, but Jeopardy! viewers have not been afraid to voice their opinions on Mattea Roach coming across as “cocky” on screen.

The 23-year-old Canadian native has currently been dominating the game show, most recently securing her 15th consecutive win on Monday.

Mattea Roach is 8th in line for most consecutive Jeopardy! wins

According to Global News, Roach has answered 93% of questions correctly and has earned over $350k so far.

She now holds the title for the longest streak held by a Canadian contestant and is 8th in line for the most Jeopardy! wins in history. One of the show’s current hosts, Ken Jennings, currently holds the title with 74 consecutive wins.

Although a huge accomplishment, some of the show’s viewers have taken to social media to give their opinions on how Roach has portrayed herself on the show.

Jeopardy! viewers slam Roach for appearing ‘cocky’ on the show

Fans of the game show have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Roach coming across as “too confident” – especially through her hand gestures and facial expressions.

“Miss Mattea is getting kinda cocky. #Jeopardy,” one Twitter user wrote.

Tweet about Mattea Roach being cocky
Pic credit: @nyyankeechick/Twitter

Twitter user @TFHackett also described Roach on the show with the same adjective – “I know Mattea’s not *trying* to come off as cocky BUT… #Jeopardy.”

Tweet saying Mattea comes off as cocky
Pic credit: @TFHackett/Twitter

One Jeopardy! viewer said they couldn’t take her gestures anymore and wished for her to lose her winning streak on the show. “I really wish someone would beat that Mattea on Jeopardy already!! I can’t watch her with all her hand flips and cocky gestures anymore, she is annoying!!”

Coming saying they wish someone would beat Mattea
Pic credit: @AnitaPetardi/Twitter

“Mattea is a beast but she is so annoying. Too comfortable and cocky. #Jeopardy #tv #timetolose,” user @dirtiestmikee tweeted.

Comment saying Mattea is a beast but cocky
Pic credit: @dirtiestmikee/Twitter

“Let’s see how annoying #MatteaRoach is on @Jeopardy tonight,” user @SharonM08090730 wrote.

Mattea Roach addressed her facial expressions on Twitter

Although Roach has not specifically addressed the comments about her coming across as “cocky” during her winning streak, she recently took to Twitter to explain her use of dramatic facial expressions.

The contestant reposted a throwback photo from a spelling bee competition in 2008 and explained how her expressions have been a part of her personality and demeanor for a while.

“May have made note of my colorful facial expressions while playing Jeopardy – here is proof that I come by it honestly/have been making weird faces for a long time!” she tweeted.

Although some viewers may find Roach’s gestures annoying and “too confident,” many are still rooting for the 23-year-old as she continues to up her ranking on the show’s leader board.

Jeopardy! airs at 7:30 pm EST every weeknight.

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  1. Often people who are highly intelligent have quirks that others find irritating or annoying. Its because they are focusing on their thinking, not their demeanor. Let’s not all get the ‘tall poopy syndrome’…this girl is smart and is earning her status legitimately.

  2. mattea’s hand gestures are unique but simply a part of her unique personality. Granted a little unusual and different but surely nothing denoting a negative nature. They may be annoying to some people but they are simply part of her personality and nothing more. I am extremely impressed by her knowledge and memory of trivial information.

  3. Why do people have to be so judgmental? Chances are those who are making comments about her being too confident or who don’t like her hand gestures are not perfect human beings; their first flaw is judging others. Mattea is 23 years old, she’s young, she’s smart, and her prefrontal cortex has not yet fully developed. My guess is that some of you who are finding fault with her overconfidence, wouldn’t being saying that if she were a male. So, come on people. Let’s just try to be accepting of others. You never know what is going on with anyone until you’ve walked in their shoes. Sorry to be so cliche, but, what can I say. I’m tired of people ready to criticize and judge others for no reason. We should be getting along with each other regardless. The world would be a much better place if we did.

  4. She just reminds me of someone who will never except defeat gracefully. I’m not rooting for her. Sorry. Not humble enough for my liking

  5. Matters Roach needs to quit all her chatter and be brief! She is narcissistic and her hand flippers are disgusting.. .
    She is running the show the show with her oddities.
    .She plays Ken Jennings.plays
    I cannot stand her. Hate the thought she would be back.
    Shut her comments at game. It is disrespectful to other !
    Her long category choice comments ! Yuck !
    I am not jealous !!!

  6. People are faulted for their personality all the time and daily – myself being no exception. Therefore criticizing Mattea for her personality is fair game. She is irritatingly overconfident, “ad-libby”, and (nothing new here I know), her hand gestures just emphasize the other two faults. I have to say that while I respect her streak on Jeopardy, I cannot wait for her to lose because I am tired of watching her for the reasons outlined above.

    PS Contrary to other posters’ suppositions, I would have no problems criticizing her for the same things if she were male.


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