Jennifer Lopez shows off huge green engagement ring in Easter Sunday snaps

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez is the next recipient of the Generation Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reunited to try to seal the deal after a twenty-year break in their romance. While Bennifer fans are thrilled to see the pair back together and planning for marriage, some are focused on the large ring that Ben used to propose to JLo.

In some of the first photos of JLo wearing the ring, fans were quick to notice that the ring was rather large and could be seen from a distance. The large green diamond is said to be worth millions.

JLo spent the past weekend celebrating the Easter holiday and graced her followers with photos of her outfit. In the images, fans can see JLo’s engagement ring and its stunning size.

See Jennifer Lopez’s massive engagement ring

JLo shared her “East Sunday Situation” with fans on Sunday night. The Instagram post features a selfie of the actress as she shows off her earrings. 

The earrings are shaped like flowers, but that’s not what fans were really looking at. She’s holding her ear lobe with her left hand, her engagement ring up close and personal. 

The green diamond is easy to see even though it’s not a close-up image; the gem is just that big. The green stone appears to be situated on a glittering gold band. 

The second photo shows off JLo’s complete outfit as she poses outside. This photo looks like it was taken as she took her selfie, though it may be an entirely different photo. 

She wore a long cream dress that featured floral designs on the sides and the hem and up through the middle of the dress. The flower design included other plants and birds. 

She paired white stilettos and a green and gold purse with the dress, though the bag is a closer match to her shiny new engagement ring. 

Jennifer Lopez explains the importance of her green engagement ring

As previously reported, JLo let her fans know in her On The JLo newsletter that Ben Affleck proposed to her at home while taking a bath. She said it was a very intimate moment between the two of them in private but explained that her unique engagement ring carries a lot of importance to her.

Green is a lucky color for JLo and is now an important symbol of the love between her and Ben as they celebrate their second engagement twenty years after the first.

The price of JLo’s engagement ring hasn’t been revealed at this time, though it may be worth up to $10 million. The first pink diamond Ben used to propose to JLo was said to be worth approximately $2.5 million.

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Ingrid Bibiana Carvajal
Ingrid Bibiana Carvajal
9 months ago

Green stone… stands for been a color that defined Wisdom!!!. Now he really knows who he wants, who to choose and who to love for ever and ever, You Jennifer!!!

9 months ago

I thought the first engagement ring between them was yellow, not pink. 🤔