Jeff Grosso death: Tributes pour in as skateboarding icon dies aged 51

Jeff Grosso
Legendary skater Jeff Grosso has passed away at age 51. Pic credit: Jeff Grosso/Instagram.

Jeff Grosso, a skateboarding legend and host of Vans: Loveletters to Skateboarding, has died at age 51.

According to Transworld Skateboarding, Grosso died at his home. However, no cause of death or details about his tragic passing was mentioned in the report.

Skateboarder and Toy Machine founder Ed Templeton said that Jeff Grosso’s death is not related to coronavirus but did not divulge any other details.

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While it’s been speculated that Grosso died from a heart attack, this has not been confirmed.

Notable skateboarders pay tribute to Jeff Grosso

Michael Burnett, the editor of Thrasher magazine, paid tribute to Jeff Grosso on the official Thrasher Instagram page.

“Today we have the terrible task of saying a heartbreaking goodbye to beloved verticalist, commentator and friend of the mag Jeff Grosso.”

The tribute went on to mention that Jeff went from number-one amateur to ’80s superstar to cautionary tale and back again, throughout his life.

His latest role as lovable curmudgeon, host of his own history-packed web series … was by far his greatest – second only to being Oliver’s dad.”

Many tributes poured in from fans and professionals, such as Tommy Guerrero, Andrew Reynolds, and Tony Hawk, who was featured on his Vans Love Letters YouTube series.

Hawk called him a “true skateboarder at his core, and a great wealth of entertainment, insight and valuable philosophy to a younger generation.”

He went on to say that he skated with him over four decades and he loved Grosso’s “renegade attitude” and “genuine love of skateboarding.”

Jeff Grosso was dancing with his son on the day that he died

Jeff Grosso’s death appears to be unexpected, as the late skateboarding legend posted a video on Instagram dancing with his son Oliver on the day he reportedly passed away.

In his tribute, Tommy Guerrero said he was laughing along with Grosso dancing with his son only to, a short time later, learn of his passing.

“I’ll miss your F. U. attitude that was often masked with levity. Hope you see Phelps and crew in the unknown.”

Jeff Grosso began skateboarding at age eight and became a star in the ’80s. He became an idol to a generation of skateboarders.

Grosso previously suffered from an opiate addiction due to his skateboarding injuries, but he had been sober for many years after suffering from multiple overdoses.

Grosso was also known for his knowledge and deep passion for skateboarding and developed a new generation of fans with his Love Letters series.

This shortly follows the death late last year of iconic skateboarder Jon Comer.

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sounds like suicide