Jason Momoa single again after reported split from Eiza Gonzalez

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa and his girlfriend Eiza Gonzalez have reportedly split after only four months of dating. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Aquaman hunk Jason Momoa is back on the market again— though sources aren’t sure how long the 42-year-old will remain available.

The actor separated from his wife, Lisa Bonet, earlier this year. The two share two children together, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf.

As Lisa and Jason had been doing things separately for a while anyway, Jason stepped back into the dating pool rather quickly. However, it seems like he’s stepping back out and returning to the single life as he and actress Eiza Gonzalez have reportedly broken up.

Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez are ‘very different people’

A source confirmed to PEOPLE that Jason and Eiza, 32, have broken up. The news of their relationship only broke last month. 

The two began seeing each other in February after meeting “through work and mutual connections.”

Jason was seen at the premiere of Ambulance in April, a Michael Bay film starring Eiza. The couple didn’t walk the red carpet together, but his presence wasn’t unnoticed. 

Despite the current breakup, there are some hopes the couple will get back together. 

While one insider says the two broke up because “they’re just very different people,” another says they “share the same spirit” and hints that there could be a reconciliation between the two in the future. 

Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez ‘hoping’ things ‘might work out’

Though the two may be different people, one source seems to believe the couple may try to work things out at a later time. 

The course revealed, “They love each other very much, having dated quietly for some time before it became public. They are in different life stages.”

The insider added that “it’s not a very serious situation” at this time, and “they’re both just seeing where it goes.” The insider claims that the two are spending time together where the time allows between their work schedules. 

Though the insider said that Eiza is a “very fun, down-for-anything type person and is pretty adventurous for the most part,” she is also not a “casual dater” and seeks something more long-term. 

However, Jason is “a really good guy, very generous and happy all the time; he’s all about love and spreading love.” 

At this time, it doesn’t look like Eiza or Jason will be rushing into a relationship together, but only time will tell if the two will reunite.

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11 months ago

You and Lisa I were so amazing together. Breaks my heart ❤️ I really thought you were going to beat all the odds and love and soulmates would win?go back and make it this time !!