Jack Harlow is looking for a woman who can teach him something

Jack Harlow selfie
Jack Harlow says he’s looking to learn something from his ideal woman. Pic credit: @jackharlow/Instagram

Rapper Jack Harlow has revealed exactly what he is looking for in a woman, and it seems he just wants to learn something.

The 24-year-old rapper was flying high this weekend after picking up an award at Sunday’s 2022 Billboard Music Awards. Harlow won best Rap Song with Lil Nas X for Industry Baby.

And he’s hit the top spot with First Class on the Billboard Hot 100.

Jack Harlow shares what attracts him to a woman

But the rapper also took the time this Sunday to discuss a little bit what he finds attractive in a woman. Jack was speaking to Access Hollywood when he was asked: “What kind of woman do you like? What are you looking for?”

The rapper didn’t need to think about it much; he answered straight away that it’s brains he wanted: “A sweetheart that can teach me something… maybe even a woman that is ahead of me mentally, teach me something, it’s fun.”

It’s no secret that the usually private Jack also likes older women, last month, he told Rolling Stone: “Maybe it’s an Oedipus complex… I like somebody I can learn from. And that’s for real. It sounds, like, sly, but really, I think that’s part of the appeal is somebody has definitely seen more than me, has got some years on me.”

And last year, Jack admitted on Twitter that he has a weakness for women born in the 1970s. He wrote: “My weakness is women that were born in the 70s…sorry can’t help it.”

Jack Harlow tweet
Pic credit: @jackharlow/Twitter

Jack Harlow talks hometown, curls, relationship status

Also, last year, rumors emerged that the rapper was dating the then 21-year-old Addison Rae, but sadly, Rae quickly denied the story by confirming she was single. Perhaps she wasn’t old enough for him.

Reports suggest Harlow is currently unattached but that he is open to a long term relationship.

In the latest interview, the Thats What They All Say singer was also asked about his curly hair and whether or not he works to keep them in check. He jokingly told the interviewer that his curls “have a personality of their own” so despite being a “control freak” he’s decided to “embrace the mess” and “ride it out” when it comes to his trademark unruly hair.

Harlow also spoke about his pride in hometown Louisville, Kentucky, and admitted that the city is super important to who he is. He explained: “It’s who I am.”

Jack Harlow found himself facing a bit of criticism earlier this month after he messed with a camera operator’s camera at the NBA Playoffs.

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