Jack Harlow and Brandy Norwood throw jabs after he learned she’s Ray J’s sister

singer brandy and rapper jack harlow
Singer Brandy and rapper Jack Harlow have a playful feud going on after Harlow’s Hot 97 interview. Pic credit: © & Jack Harlow/YouTube

A playful rivalry has been going on between Jack Harlow and singer Brandy Norwood after the hip-hop star said he never knew Brandy was Ray J’s sister until recently.

Harlow admitting that he never knew caught Brandy’s fans’ attention. That eventually prompted Brandy to react, as she fired off a tweet about how she could “murk” the First Class rapper and “sing him to sleep.”

With that, Harlow threw another jab back at Brandy regarding her music career with some help from rapper Kanye West.

Jack Harlow didn’t know who Ray J’s sister was and Brandy fired back

During an interview with Hot 97, the crew put Jack Harlow to the test with their game White Ish Wednesday. DJ Ebro played various songs by Caucasian musicians to see if Jack could identify them. Among the tracks were White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, Metallica’s Enter Sandman, and the Eagles’ Hotel California.

They also gave him a few Fergie tracks, which he knew instantly, including Glamorous, the song he sampled for First Class. He guessed many of the artists, including classic tracks by Nirvana, Johnny Cash, and Dolly Parton, the latter of whom he said he’d like to work with someday.

Things then switched to Jack having to identify songs by Black musicians. Those selections included Black Star, Dead Prez, Sade, and Brandy. He initially guessed Aaliyah on Brandy’s song.

“Her brother is the reason a lot of people are famous; you could argue,” Peter Rosenberg said when giving Harlow a hint about who the singer was.

“Her brother had an amazing sex tape,” Ebro joked.

“Who’s Ray J’s sister?” Harlow asked, not knowing from the hints.

“Brandy and Ray J are siblings?” he asked after the Hot 97 crew informed him while laughing about it.

“Nobody’s ever told me that in my life,” he said, adding later, “Y’all got a good clip out of that one.”

In fairness, Harlow is 24 years old, and the Brandy song Angel in Disguise came out the year he was born. However, the fact he didn’t know Brandy and Ray J were siblings amused plenty of people.

It got Brandy’s attention as the 43-year-old singer fired off a tweet, suggesting she would “murk this dude in rap” and “sing his a** to sleep.”

brandy tweeted about jack harlow hot 97 interview comments
Pic credit: @4evaBrandy/Twitter

She later tweeted again to clear things up with fans or any confused bystanders that she realized she was late with her original response but was merely joking around with her comments about Jack Harlow. However, the tweet also included another burn as she mentioned she didn’t realize he was a rapper.

brandy tweets about jack harlow joke
Pic credit: @4evaBrandy/Twitter

Jack Harlow shared IG Story response to Brandy

The playful feud didn’t end with Brandy’s comments as Jack Harlow posted an image of Brandy with her brother Ray J on his Instagram Story. He also added some music, with Brandy’s verse that was featured on the Kanye West song Bring Me Down from his hip-hop classic, Late Registration.

“I always knew that one day… they’d try to bring me down… way down,” Brandy sings in the chorus, giving Harlow a clever retaliation.

The @theshaderoom Instagram account posted a video they captured of Harlow’s IG Story slide (below).

Harlow is coming off a recent rise to the top of the charts with his song First Class, which is playing just about everywhere, including social media clips. In addition, he just performed at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards as a surprise guest during Diddy’s opening performance.

While his feud with Brandy looked harsh based on her tweets, it seems to all be in good fun. It wouldn’t be too surprising if Harlow found a way to connect with Brady for some sort of collaboration in the future based on the publicity his startling realization brought.

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