Isaac Hayes’ estate ‘exploring multiple legal options’ after Donald Trump used Hold On I’m Coming to announce 2024 presidential run

Isaac Hayes attends a showing of The Color Purple in 2005 and Donald Trump prepares for a debriefing at the White House
Isaac Hayes’ estate is exploring legal options after Donald Trump used the late musician’s music without permission. Pic credit: © Dietsch / Pool via CNP/AdMedia

The estate of Isaac Hayes says they are exploring “multiple legal options” after former President Donald J. Trump used one of the late singer’s songs for his 2024 Presidential announcement.

Hayes’ estate released a statement confirming that Trump did not get their permission to use his music in his announcement.

Trump announced his 2024 bid for Presidency on November 15 at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. In addition to giving an hour-long speech, Trump played the song Hold On, I’m Coming by R&B duo Sam & Dave, written by Hayes and David Porter, during the event.

Within an hour, Hayes’ family and estate took to social media to express their intention to take action after Trump’s unauthorized use of the song. They followed up with another short statement to confirm their dedication to the process.

The estate admitted that it isn’t always easy to stop a politician from using an artist’s music. However, they seemed ready to take on the challenge.

They wanted to ensure that Trump does not continue to utilize Hayes’ music without their permission for any of his future rallies and public appearances.

It is unclear what legal action the estate will take against Trump, and Trump has not publicly responded to their statement.

Donald Trump has used Isaac Hayes’ music before

Trump’s 2024 Presidential announcement marked the second time he has used Hayes’ music during a public appearance. This is why the estate began their statement with “Once again.”

Isaac Hayes' estate addresses Donald Trump's unauthorized use of the late singer's song.
Pic credit: @isaachayes/Twitter

He first utilized Hold On, I’m Coming on May 27, 2022, while giving a speech at a National Rifle Association (NRA) rally in Texas.

At the end of the speech, as the crowd applauded, Hold On, I’m Coming began playing over the loudspeaker. Trump remained on the podium clapping and pumping his fists to the song before leaving.

Hayes’ estate took to Twitter that time, too, to confirm that they did not give Trump permission to use the song. They reiterated that they would “NEVER” have approved of Trump using the song at an NRA convention, especially in the wake of the tragic Uvalde, Texas, school shooting.

Isaac Hayes' estate addresses Donald Trump's unauthorized use of the late singer's song.
Pic credit: @isaachayes/Twitter

Hold On, I’m Coming co-writer Porter also responded to Trump’s use of the song. He shared a statement on Twitter after the matter was brought to his attention.

He, too, confirmed that he did not, and would not, approve of Trump using the song for any purposes. Porter also mentioned that Hayes’ estate would not endorse it either.

David Porter addresses Donald Trump's unauthorized use of the late singer's song.
Pic credit: @davidportersoul/Twitter

Other musicians have opposed Trump using their songs

This is not an isolated incident, as many musicians have opposed Trump using their songs over the years. Several of them also pursued legal action.

Among the many musicians who have opposed Trump utilizing their music are Phil Collins, The Rolling Stones, Adele, Aerosmith, The Beatles, and Rihanna. These artists either released statements opposing Trump’s use or sent cease and desist letters to him.

However, Trump has largely ignored cease and desist letters and musician opposition against him. The Rolling Stones and The Village People record label were among several groups who threatened to file lawsuits, too.

The outcomes of these cease and desist letters and lawsuits are largely unknown. The actions were only noticeably successful when the songs were used in videos that could be taken down.

It remains to be seen if Trump will face more serious legal consequences for this latest unauthorized use of a song.

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Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins
14 days ago

This man is outrageous Republicans in this country is letting this man do what he wants to do without consequences and then when it comes to consequences that he must face he brings up more and make yourself deeper but he don’t got herself and that’s why he’s running from president so he if he wins he won’t be prosecuted for the things that he had done but people in America please this silly but we don’t need his type of in our society put them in the Looney tune or somebody do something step on his foot so he can’t walk something put a sock in his mouth

14 days ago

Trump does whatever “it” wants to do, regardless of the rules, or laws. He thinks they don’t apply to him. He would not have my vote, and very little of my respect.

Vickie howell
Vickie howell
14 days ago

I think it’s a bunch a bull crap seens he said he was running again thay going to try everything thay can to stop him all it is Biden and the rest knows they in trouble if he runs they don’t like him cous he tells the truth and don’t back down from them they are evil hope they get there harts right before they they take their last breath I’m not the judge I know what God’s word says they don’t realize God has the last word and say so go Trump go

Louisa Ferreira
Louisa Ferreira
13 days ago
Reply to  Vickie howell

Do you honestly believe that his behavior is that of a Christian in any way. I believe that my God is a forgiving God, but you need to repent and change your evil ways. This man is a narcissist. He believes he is a God, and can do whatever he wants to whoever he wants to. He’s a liar, a cheat, a pervert, a crook, and the unrespectful person I’ve ever seen. He will do whatever it takes to win, because he’s a failure. Yes he owns alot, but it’s mortgaged to the Hilton. All this money he claim to have would be gone after all his bills are paid. That’s who he is. Please read some of the books that he’s written. Yes, they are hard to find, since they didn’t sell very well,but it’s out there. They will tell you the person he is. …….A FAILURE!!!