Here’s what Ariana Grande had to say about Kate Hudson’s doo-wop version of 7 Rings

Ariana Grande and Kate Hudson
Ariana Grande reacts to Kate Hudson’s version of her hit song 7 Rings. Pic Credit: © and ©

Kate Hudson has posted a clip of her singing and it has gained a lot of public attention.

The actress uploaded a part of her performance from the show That’s My Jam on January 28.

In the video, she is singing a doo-wop version of Ariana Grande’s 2019 hit song, 7 Rings.

Although certain artists may not always approve of other celebrities’ covers of their songs, Grande showed nothing but love, support, and admiration to Hudson.

What did Ariana say about Kate’s unique rendition?

On Hudson’s post, Grande chimed in with two comments.

First she said, “Stunning perfect gorgeous.”

The love was mutually shared between the two when Hudson commented back, “Love you!”

Kate Hudson and Ariana Grande's comments
Pic credit: @katehudson/Instagram

Ariana also commented again saying, “May we have this on all streaming services please.”

Ariana Grande's comment on Kate Hudson's post
Pic credit: @katehudson/Instagram

It’s nice to see that Grande is totally down to have somebody else record another version of her song.

The video clip posted by Kate comes from her appearance on Jimmy Fallon‘s new music and variety game show, That’s My Jam. Each episode includes two teams of two celebrities competing for the charity of their choice by way of musical performances, dancing, singing, and trivia games.

In this particular episode, Hudson performed her own swanky rendition of 7 Rings with Oliver Hudson in the Musical Genre Challenge.

The song and style were chosen at random by a spinning wheel, with Hudson seemingly unaware of what she would have to perform. She went right up to the microphone and after a quick warmup, started off strong by saying, “all right, let’s do this. Let’s put me on A sharp.”

And yeah – she nailed it. Whether it was pre-rehearsed or actually on the spot, people have shown an abundance of love for this 40’s inspired version.

Even Fallon commented at the end of the song, “how do you know how to do that?!”

Although primarily an actor, you may have heard Kate Hudson sing before

It’s no secret that Kate is most well known for being the lead actress in many movies during her successful career – How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Bride Wars, Something Borrowed, My Best Friend’s Girl, You, Me, and Dupree – the list is extensive. But this isn’t the first time Kate has exposed another talented side.

Hudson first showed off her vocals in the hit 2009 musical movie Nine, where she sang the song Cinema Italiano.

Her singing talent showed again in the hit musical series Glee in 2012, when she played Cassandra July – a professor at the fictional New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. During her time on the show, she sang a mashup of Americano by Lady Gaga and Dance Again By Jennifer Lopez, along with a rendition of both There Are Worse Things I Could Do from Grease and All That Jazz from Chicago.

Hudson also recently sang in Sia’s movie Music in 2021, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination for the starring role. The movie received a decent amount of backlash about its misrepresentation of autism which caused it to have a limited release.

Despite the controversy on the movie, Hudson is still showing off her singing ability today and fans are clearly excited about it.

Like Grande, followers have commented on her post to also tell her a professional recording of her version of 7 Rings would be greatly appreciated.

Fashion designer Rachel Zoe commented on Kate’s video, “This is beyond @katehudson please please just make an album!!! Been asking for decades.”

Rachel Zoe comment
Pic credit: @katehudson/Instagram

Will Kate record her doo-wop version of the song? Will she and Ariana put out their own version together? Guess we will just have to wait and see.

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