Jimmy Fallon apologizes for old blackface SNL sketch impersonating Chris Rock

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon issued an apology for an SNL skit from 2000. Pic credit:

Jimmy Fallon has apologized after using blackface to impersonate Chris Rock during a 2000 episode of Saturday Night Live.

The late-night host found himself at the center of a social media storm on Tuesday after a video of the sketch started circulating and many people became aware of it for the first time.

Jimmy Fallon apologizes for using blackface

Fallon, who is a frequent Twitter user himself, was quick to react and issue an apology.

In a tweet he confirmed that he did use blackface while playing Chris Rock in the sketch. He went on to apologize for doing it and thanking his fans.

The skit itself also included Darrell Hammond playing Regis Philbin and it aired during a live episode of SNL roughly 20 years ago. It is unclear why it suddenly resurfaced so many years later.

The comedian ended the post by saying, “thank all of you for holding me accountable.”

Twitter reacts to news of Jimmy Fallon blackface

There was a definite split between people supporting Fallon and accepting his apology, and those people who didn’t want to hear any excuses for why he ever did a sketch in blackface.

One Twitter user stated, “It’s sad that a comedian that has done nothing but give back to his community has to apologize for a skit that was written by someone else 20 years ago.”

Comedian Dave Weasel wrote, “Mannnnnnnnnnn that was 20 years ago, ask Chris Rock what he thinks about it and that should be the level to guage the outrage, okay other white people?[sic]”

Weasel wrote in another post later, “People should seek Fallon’s intent here. Was he meaning to be racist or was it a silly impression? There are real racial injustices RIGHT NOW to point the pitchforks at, that’s all I’m saying. Okay other white people?”

Another fan on Twitter posted, “Jimmy you didn’t have to apologize. It’s was just a skit. We all knew you were impersonating Chris Rock. I hate that you had to post this tweet. We love you.[sic]”

One person took it upon themselves to address the commenters themselves:

It seems likely that Fallon may be forced to address the issue on his show as well. Chris Rock — who this year stars in psychological horror movie Spiral — has not yet issued a statement about the controversy.

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