Hailee Steinfeld sparks drama as clout-chasing TikToker pretends to be her Marvel costar

red carpet image of Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld liked some tweets calling out a fan’s suspicious behavior. Pic credit: ©

Drama is surrounding Hawkeye and Dickinson actor Hailee Steinfeld. The 25-year-old Los Angeles native was pulled into a messy situation by an online influencer who tried to trick fans into thinking he’ll be starring in an upcoming Marvel project.

Fans have been skeptical of his comments since day one as Marvel Studios is known for having strict NDA protocols for their actors. Steinfeld has been a victim of this and had to stay hush about her latest role as Kate Bishop in Disney Plus’s Hawkeye series despite the flow of heavy rumors anticipating her Marvel debut. Fans ended up beating her to the punch when images of her on set were leaked before she officially announced her role.

TikToker Colin Seifert posted an image alongside Steinfeld on January 12, along with an Instagram caption alluding to Marvel. Smizing at the camera with his arm around the Kate Bishop actor, he wrote, “Some very MARVELous things are going to come this year.” While it could’ve been quickly filed away as a witty reference, he continued to talk about the actor in the comment sections of images and on his Instagram Live. Steinfeld shot back, liking two tweets talking bad about the influencer.

Hailee Steinfeld ‘likes’ two tweets about situation

Steinfeld hasn’t verbally commented on the controversial situation, however, she has liked two tweets about Seifert’s behavior. Tweeted by fan account @iloveyours_haiz, the first tweet read, “I think he just met her randomly and is now trying to trick people that he’s working with her in Young Avengers.”

The next one got inappropriate as Seifert, reportedly, dodged a question about filming an intimate scene with Steinfeld. “Colin what’s his face was live and got asked ‘have you kissed Hailee Steinfeld for practice’ and he replied ‘I can’t answer that’ I’m so f**king sick of this guy,” wrote the fan account.

screenshot of Hailee Steinfeld's likes on Twitter
Hailee Steinfeld likes two tweets about Seifert. Pic credit: @iloveyous_haiz/Twitter

Colin Seifert promises to explain things later

Fans continue to rush to Steinfeld’s defense with some reaching out directly to the influencer. Seifert has 17.5 thousand followers on Instagram and 3304 followers on TikTok. The link in his Instagram biography also links to his Twitter, which has since been deleted.

The influencer has turned off comments on his Instagram account and has written in his biography “I’ll explain everything soon” — presumably to ward off the haters.

But fans don’t have to wait for his explanation, which given his other content, is likely to be monetized. One fan account did some investigative work of their own and privately messaged him on Instagram to get the full scoop.

Posting screenshots of their conversation on Twitter, it was revealed that Seifert is an aspiring actor and was hoping to get Marvel’s attention through his posts.

Through the course of the conversation, he explained that he had seen Steinfeld while at a cafe with his girlfriend and was encouraged to ask her for a picture. He admitted to wanting to keep fans “baited” saying that if they “saw him as a Marvel superhero,” maybe Marvel will do the same.

He then added that he’ll make a video to explain the entire situation. Unfortunately, it seems like people aren’t too interested in hearing from him on the subject. Harmless intentions set aside, it’s clear that he got on the nerves of the famed actor and her fanbase.

Hawkeye can be streamed on Disney+.

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