Hailee Steinfeld calls out Dickinson fan for leaking picture from a ‘private shooting’

Production still from Dickinson.
Hailee Steinfeld stars in the comedy drama Dickinson. Pic credit: Apple TV+

Fans of the Apple TV+ comedy series Dickinson cannot wait for Season 3 to drop. However, it seems as though one fan jumped the gun and tweeted out a private image.

This leak was much to the dismay of the show’s lead actor Hailee Steinfeld, who will soon be playing Kate Bishop in Marvel’s upcoming Hawkeye series.

Dickinson follows the coming-of-age story of the famous American poet Emily Dickinson (Steinfeld) through a modern retelling. The series takes a close look into her relationship with her family, specifically her father, in the male-driven era of 19th century Massachusetts. It also explores her love for her childhood best friend, Sue (Ella Hunt).

While the comedy was renewed for a third season in October 2020, the upcoming season is still in production.

The first season of Dickinson earned 75% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, which is impressive and points to a generally positive reception. But the second season kicked things up a notch, earning a solid 100%.

Alongside Steinfeld and Hunt, this series stars 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski, rapper Wiz Khalifa and Toby Huss (King of the Hill).

What happened to upset Hailee Steinfeld?

Reportedly, a fan shared an image taken on the production set of Dickinson Season 3. The post has since been deleted, although reports show that it was posted by the now-deactivated fan account @Dickinstra.

As the lead actor and executive producer of Dickinson, Steinfeld had a strong reaction to the tweet. She wrote, “This is really upsetting to see for so many reasons. A complete violation of privacy as we are on our private soundstage shooting a very emotional scene. Very disappointed in knowing who chose to take this and send it out.”

She lightened up in her following message, sent one minute later. She added, “I love you all so much. You must know how grateful I am for your excitement and support towards the show. I’m so focused on delivering the greatest season yet and I ask that you please respect our creative privacy as we cross the finish line of s3!”

Screenshot of Hailee Steinfeld's tweets.
Pic credit: @HaileeSteinfeld/Twitter

Fans have hypothesized that the image came from a person who was working as a carriage driver on-set that day, due to a conversation that was screenshot before the fan account was deleted.

How did fans react to Steinfeld’s response?

Dickinson viewers have had mixed reactions to Steinfeld’s response. Many feel as though her privacy should be respected, but others took her comments as a direct attack towards fans. Some accounts are defending the targeted account and expressing grief that it was deleted.

A Steinfeld fan account weighed in, tweeting, “@/dickinstra was the one who posted the tweet, Hailee quote retweeted. As much it sucks to see Hailee being sad over something the fandom did, I’m sure @dickinstra also felt extremely bad about that as the account has already been deleted.”

Screenshot of tweet.
Pic credit: @HaileexxBishop/Twitter

Another fan wrote to Steinfeld, “I am very sorry your privacy was violated and you feel disrespected in any way. We love you a lot and are very excited to see next season. Thank you for all your hard work, Hailee.”

Screenshot of tweet.
Pic credit: @HaileesMartini/Twitter

At the time of writing, the series showrunner Alena Smith has yet to respond to the leaked image and her show’s concerned fans.

Dickinson Seasons 1-2 are currently streaming on Apple TV.

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