Gwyneth Paltrow announces new partnership with fitness clothing brand Copper Fit

Red carpet image of Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow is partnering with a fitness clothing brand. Pic credit: ©

Goop empress Gwyneth Paltrow has announced a new partnership with the fitness clothing brand Copper Fit.

The actor and entrepreneur shared a short video of her posing and exercising in her new outfits on her Instagram account. Narrating the video, Paltrow states that it’s her “personal take” on the brand’s garments, specifying that her collection adds a variety of “new features and colors.”

Gwyneth Paltrow announces new partnership

Announcing her new collection, Paltrow took to Instagram writing, “I’ve always been passionate about partnering with companies that make wellness more accessible and help support the way that women work and live.”

The Goop star has been known to live a healthy and active lifestyle, oftentimes promoting “clean eating” and yoga.

She went on to specify why she chose to partner with the brand. Paltrow added, “Compression products have always been a part of my health and wellness journey, so I’m thrilled to announce my collaboration with @copperfit.”

Unlike other brands, Copper Fit states that they infuse copper into its “compression garments” with the purpose of reducing pain caused by muscle and joint complications.

Cooper Fit has since made two posts about Paltrow’s collection. The aforementioned video and caption are live on their feed, as well as a picture of the actor posting her new attire. Rocking a pair of light blue exercise gloves with matching leggings, the clothing brand wrote, “Serenity (n): the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled,” adding a blue heart emoji.

Tagging the actress, they went on to state, “One of @gwynethpaltrow’s goals when partnering with #CopperFit was to design a line that did just that — an accessory that helps provide calmness *and* comfort.” In the second image of the post’s slideshow, Paltrow is seen comfortably lounging in the outfit. Ahead of her is a row of matching accessories.

Paltrow reflects on 2021

Keeping morale high on her social media accounts, the busy wife and mother made a reflection post about the new year. Celebrating the new year, Paltrow posted a series of snaps featuring her husband Brad Falchuk, her family, and her celebrity bestie Cameron Diaz.

Paltrow captioned the image, “The best parts of 2021; loving my friends with all my heart, the noodle donut at @lunasia.dimsum, being married to my guy, getting to travel a bit, and being a mom and stepmom to four incredible people I love deeply. I wish you all love and joy and abundance and great things this year!”

In 2021, she also stayed busy promoting her health and wellness brand Goop. As a fun follow-up to her documentary Netflix series The Goop Lab, in October 2021, she released Sex, Love and Goop. Both shows highlight the holistic messages endorsed by the brand and brings in experts in the fields being discussed, which touches upon topics of emotional trauma, intimacy, and psychotherapy.

Sex, Love and Goop is currently streaming on Netflix.

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