Gwen Stefani teases GXVE launch and it looks like she’ll be offering a new makeup line

Gwen Stefani at ASPCA event
Gwen Stefani just released a new promotional teaser for a potential new makeup line. Pic credit: ©

Grammy-winning artist Gwen Stefani has taken to Instagram to announce a new project, GXVE, coming soon.

The former lead singer of No Doubt and successful solo artist since 2004 has been teasing her followers with short videos on her Instagram page.

In her latest video, the red-lipped Rich Girl was seen with black and white checkered nails and bright, blingy rings on each finger. As she uncovered her face, the closeup showed off her sparkly brown and gold eyeshadow and signature fiery red lipstick.

The video was to promote her newest brand, GXVE

As the video panned up, Stefani showed off a gold and silver necklace with the letters, “GXVE.”

The “ageless” pop sensation has also changed her Instagram bio to read “be the first to meet gxve,” with a link to the brand’s website right below. When clicked, the page reads “GXVE By Gwen Stefani” and asks users to sign up for future promotional offers. No information on what content the brand will have exactly is displayed.

Stefani captioned the post with “✨ making magic ✨ #linkinbio.”

Fans suspect GXVE is Gwen Stefani’s new makeup brand

One comment on the video from a popular makeup artist has fans believing GXVE is a makeup-related endeavor. Well-known celebrity MUA Ariel, known as @makeupbyariel on Instagram, commented on Stefani’s recent video to say he had a blast working with her.

“So much fun working on this with you! Your beauty is immaculate,” he wrote.

Makeup artist Ariel's comment on Gwen's post
Pic credit: @gwenstefani/Instagram

Many other fans believe the video is a teaser for a makeup brand because of its correlation to her song, Magic’s In The Makeup. The song was released in 2000 with her band at the time, No Doubt.

With the word “makeup” in the title and Gwen’s caption on her video as “making magic,” fans have commented on their realization of the connection between the two.

Magic in the makeup comment on Stefani's post
Pic credit: @gwenstefani/Instagram

Stefani has been getting fans excited for new launch

Gwen Stefani first posted a teaser for GXVE on Saturday. The video showed a row of chunky, gold bracelets with different words on each one – such as the names of her three sons (Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma), and the words amen, faith, and Harajuku. The middle bracelet, however, turned to reveal itself with the letters GXVE stamped in thick black lettering.

“It’s time to GXVE,” Stefani wrote in the caption.

She also took to Twitter to rally up her fans in excitement over the new launch. She tweeted, “Show me your excitement for #GXVE in gif form only.”

Gwen's tweet about her newest launch
Pic credit: @gwenstefani/Twitter

Fans have definitely shared their excitement with the artist through gifs – as per her request – on the platform.

One user shared a gif of comedian Kate McKinnon and showed their excitement with the hilarious caption, “I have canceled all my future plans… ‘Honey…Honey Gwen is about to drop some of her hotness and we will need to push back that vasectomy…'”

Although there has not been any more information released on what Stefani will be dropping soon, it can be assumed that GXVE is something outside of her typical realm of music. Whatever it is, fans are definitely excited to see more teasers and figure out what the artist’s newest endeavor will be.

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What does GXVE stand for?