GMA stars T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach won’t face discipline in affair scandal

Amy Robach at the Oscars
GMA 3 hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are dating. Pic credit: ©

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach won’t get in trouble for having a romantic relationship. The pair’s relationship was made public after photos were published that showed them on intimate dates with one another.

Network sources have said that the two are consenting adults who are allowed to date since they are on equal footing in the company. The pair hosted their show GMA3 the day after their relationship became public but did not address their romantic relationship.

Both T.J. and Amy are legally married to other people. T.J. and his wife, Marilee Fiebig, have been married since 2012. Amy and her husband, Andrew Shue, have been married since 2010.

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Amy is in the process of divorcing Andrew, and their divorce should be final in the next couple of weeks.

Amy has spoken previously about how she and Andrew have had double dates with T.J. and Marilee. She also said that her children had babysat T.J. and Marilee’s children.

Both Amy and T.J. chose to keep their relationship secret, telling no one, including ABC executives. The pair still has not spoken publicly about it. They have also both deleted their social media accounts.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have been dating since August

According to People magazine, sources said that the couple did not begin dating until after they separated from their spouses in August.

The source said that there was no overlap between the marriages and Amy and T.J.’s romance. The insider also claimed that T.J. and Amy weren’t trying to hide their relationship, either.

Andrew and Amy listed their New York City apartment in September. It was purchased in November.

Amy was reportedly distraught about the demise of her marriage, and T.J. was her best friend and shoulder to cry on. Andrew deleted all pictures of Amy off his Instagram after the news of her and T.J.’s relationship became public.

T.J.’s wife Marilee Fiebig may have been blindsided by the affair

According to Page Six, T.J.’s wife had no idea that T.J. had moved on with Amy. The couple was separated, but allegedly Marilee thought they were trying to work things out.

T.J. and Marilee have been separated for six months. She also hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring.

The source also claims that the affair began in March and not August, as other sources have claimed. They allegedly started the relationship while training for the New York City Marathon.

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1 year ago

Why does anyone care? 2 adult cop-workers have an affair? Big f’g deal. Happens all the time. It isn’t as if he was forcing the tea lady into a fling or she was pestering the mail boy with unwanted attentions.
Why did Robin Roberts think it was any of her business? She should keep her nose out of other people’s business. Maybe she was jealous & wanted a crack at T.J. herself?
This is beyond stupid & GMA3 should have other things to talk about.