Gigi Hadid clarifies comments about Rihanna’s pregnancy, didn’t mean to start twin rumors

Gigi Hadid poses in a gold dress on the red carpet
Gigi Hadid explains her comment on Rihanna’s post after rumors start. Pic credit: ©

Model Gigi Hadid had many Rihanna fans in a frenzy over a recent Instagram comment.

When Rihanna first posted her pregnancy announcement photo to Instagram, followers were quick to bombard her comment section with congratulations for the singer.

However, despite over 17 million likes and 232k comments, there was one that stood out among the others.

Model Gigi Hadid hinted at twins in her Instagram comment

Hadid, 26, was one of the many celebrities who wanted to show their support for the singer by leaving a message on the belly bump post.

She sweetly commented “three angels” on the photo, which fans were quick to interpret as Rihanna having twins.

One user posted a TikTok using the green screen effect – showing her in front of Gigi’s comment with the spoken text, “OMG RiRi is having twins.”

Hadid’s Instagram comment has gained over 300 replies, with many people trying to figure out exactly what “three angels” was referring to.

One commenter wrote, “There’s nothing wrong about gigi’s comment. You people always make things complicated dahhh.”

Mia Merla's comment on Rihanna's Instagram
Pic credit: @mia.merla/Instagram

Another account commented back, “Ahhh I didn’t pick up on that see that’s a beautiful blessing.”

Instagram comment on Rihanna's post
Pic credit: @redbonepretty_46/Instagram

Gigi replied to her comment to clarify what she meant

Fortunately, Hadid put the rumors to rest by replying to her own comment on the post.

She wrote, “I just caught word of this commotion ^. I meant rih / rocky / baby lol.”

Gigi Hadid's comment on Rihanna's Instagram photo
Pic credit: @gigihadid/Instagram

Luckily for fans, she easily clarified that the ‘three’ she was talking about were the singer, the father of the child A$AP Rocky, and the baby itself. Although it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not twins are out of the question for Rihanna, Gigi made sure she wasn’t going to be responsible for stirring up any more speculation on it.

Rihanna’s fans speculates about twins

As for Rihanna’s fans, some have even tried to overanalyze the beauty mogul’s other pregnancy announcement photos to see if any hints on the gender(s) were given as well. In photos where Rihanna wore a bright pink coat that revealed her pregnant belly and A$AP Rocky wore a blue jean jacket, some fans interpreted their blue and pink outfits as a hint towards having a boy and a girl.

A commenter replied to Hadid, “And they are wearing both blue and pink, it’s really a boy and a girl = twins.”

Twin speculating comment on Rihanna's post
Pic credit: @thatoseema9/Instagram

Fans also took to Twitter to explain their speculation of Rihanna’s post. One user tweeted, “Rihanna IS pregnant with TWINS I’m convinced. She said GANG? Then they wearing pink and blue??? Most celebs pose with the gender.”

Whether Rihanna and A$AP were dropping hints in their photos or simply wearing outfits with no “easter egg” intention, it’s clear that fans have been determined to get to the bottom of every detail.

At least now we know that Gigi Hadid isn’t going to take any more responsibility for dropping twin hints for the family-to-be.

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