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Fat Joe issues response to snitch allegations, calls the paperwork ‘fabricated’

Rapper and entrepreneur, Fat Joe has directly addressed the “snitch” allegations on Instagram. Pic credit: ©

Fat Joe has responded to the snitch allegations promoted by his former Terror Squad member, Cuban Link.

The Bronx rapper addressed the paperwork Cuban Link shared on his Instagram that claims Joe implicated multiple gang members in murders.

The original reporting comes from The Star Report, hosted by radio personality Star.

Fat Joe went on Instagram Live and directly addressed all the paperwork but did not mention his accusers by name. Instead, the Terror Squad founder said the accusers are motivated by jealousy following his lavish birthday party and ongoing success.

During the over 50 minutes live video, Fat Joe said the paperwork was the “most fabricated, false paperwork I’ve ever seen in the history of mankind.”

He added that he will choose suicide rather than become a police informant.

As previously reported, the people mentioned in the paperwork are real people, primarily members of the Bryant Boys and the Nasty Boys.

Joe said that he does not know them during the Instagram Live:

“This is like disgusting,” Joe said, adding, “Now, those names you see on there are actual people. Those people really went to jail for 20 years. You guys and your friends were locked up with them. You never heard Fat Joe ever talk; they don’t even know me. Those guys on that paper, I never met them; they don’t know me.”

Fat Joe said the paperwork was fabricated with “white-out.”

Star admits he doesn’t know whether the paperwork is legit

Cuban Link denies being a hater and referred his critics to the Star Report.

“I seen and read alot of comments about me Being the ultimate hater papermaker fraud,” Cuban Link wrote in the caption, adding, “ok go check the latest star show where they light that belugas ass up and confirm a couple of things for ya.. what a quinsadence, huh lmaoooo”

Former radio host Star responded to Fat Joe’s denial and admitted that he doesn’t know whether the paperwork is authentic.

Star claims that the paperwork was sent to him by someone familiar with one of the people currently incarcerated.

Several callers to The Star Report backed Fat Joe’s claim that paperwork is easily fabricated and criticized Cuban Link for sharing it.

The Star Report host also adds that he believes Fat Joe does not know any of the people in the paperwork.

Cuban Link and Fat Joe have a feud dating back 20 years. The Lean Back rapper strongly implied that his “haters” should let go of the jealousy and envy.