Fat Joe faces snitch allegations from Cuban Link, alleged paperwork released

Fat Joe on the red carpet
Fat Joe former artist Cuban Link has made strong allegations against his former record label boss. Pic credit: ©

Cuban Link, a former Terror Squad member, accused Fat Joe of being a ‘snitch.’

Felix Delgado, known as Cuban Link, released the alleged paperwork to strengthen his accusations against the Lean Back rapper.

He took to his Instagram page to share a photo and video of the accusation linking Fat Joe, real name Joseph Antonio Cartagena, to a witness statement.

The original reporting on the snitch allegations levied against the Bronz rapper was produced by former radio host Troi Torain, better known as Star.

Cuban Link and Fat Joe have an ongoing feud that dates back to the death of Big Pun.

Fat Joe founded the record label Terror Squad and is credited for discovering Hip Hop legend Big Pun, who he signed.

Terror Squad was a Hip-Hop collective based in the Bronx. They made their debut on Fat Joe’s 1998 album Don Cartagena — his third album.

Cuban Link was signed to Joe but left after Big Pun died from a heart attack at age 28. He accused Fat Joe of shady business dealings.

Cuban Link calls Fat Joe a snitch

Delgado shared a video from The Star Report on his Instagram page showing Joe’s alleged paperwork. He referred to the What’s Luv? rapper as a confidential informant but admits the paperwork requires further verification.

“Exhibit A-the paperwork is in….[several emojis]
Fat Joe exposed on snitching charges .. big shout out to star for reporting the truth and keeping it [one hundred emoji] percent across the board!!!”

The former Terror Squad rapper continues, adding: “Now you might understand why I couldn’t get along with that animal, but I guess let’s wait for the authenticity of this here paperwork..but like I said, I’m just gonna sit back and watch the pale beluga whale get Brought in to shore by the rest of the fisherman!!”

In a second Instagram post, the former rapper shared a detailed photo of the alleged witness statement calling Joe a ‘snitch’ in the caption.

Fat Joe allegedly informs on notorious Bronx gang

In the alleged paperwork, Fat Joe admits to being a crack dealer and says his illegal enterprise is how he earned the nickname Joey Crack.

However, in interviews following his success as a Hip Hop artist, Fat Joe denied that the nickname came from his alleged drug dealing past but attributed the name to his weight.

The document claims that Joe told investigators that Marqueo Stroud killed a man called ‘Truth’ for a crew named ’25 to Life.’

The document further claims that the Bronx rapper named dropped Marqueo, Fat Chino, and Shorty as Bryant Boys members who went to Forrest Project to target ‘Nasty Boys’ leader Jose Muyet, nickname ‘Raze.’

The alleged paperwork continues with Fat Joe allegedly implicating Raze and others in a series of murders.

A New York Times report from 1995 reveals that Jose Muyet and his brother John founded The Nasty Boys in 1991 and were indicted on murder charges.

The rival gangs, Bryant Boys and the Nasty Boys, ran multimillion-dollar drug operations in the Bronx and had a deadly street feud.

Over 30 members of both gangs were charged on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, in the early ’90s.

Fat Joe has not responded to the allegations or released a statement when writing this report.

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