Drake faces $4 billion lawsuit from woman who broke into his home, the rapper responds

Drake sued by stalker
Rapper Drake is being sued by a woman who was arrested for breaking into his home. Pic credit: ©

Drake is being sued by a woman who entered his home without permission for $4 billion and got a response from the Canadian rapper.

The woman, which court documents reveal is named Mesha Collins, filed the lawsuit in June accusing the Hotline Bling rapper of defamation.

In 2017, she was arrested for trespassing into his property, where she locked herself in a room and even helped herself to some of his drinks.

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She was released on a $100,00 bond, and the 35-year-old rapper decided not to press charges suspecting that she had mental health issues. 

The bizarre case doesn’t end there; she had a phone call with Drake’s lawyer and reportedly hung up the phone.

Drake responds to $4 billion lawsuit

Radar Online obtained court documents that revealed Drake asked the court to dismiss the “frivolous” lawsuit, adding that it’s based on the woman in question “delusional figments of her imagination.”

The superstar rapper denied defaming Mesha Collins, adding that he was not given any information about his stalker.

Drake reportedly filed a declaration in the case writing the following:

“In April 2017, somebody broke into my Los Angeles home when I was not there. At the time of that incident, I was not told any details about the trespasser, including her name.”

He continued, adding: “I do not know Plaintiff. I have never met her and have never communicated with her. I did not even know of Plaintiff until this lawsuit was filed and served. Indeed, I was unaware of Plaintiff’s identity, name, or where she alleges she lives until the filing and service of this lawsuit.”

Drake’s lawyer Stanton ‘Larry’ Stein, said in court documents that the lawsuit is an attempt for Collins to contact the rapper, and she does not have legal representation.

Stein called Collins to speak about the case, but she hung up the phone, seemingly in disbelief that he was representing the rapper.

Details about Mesha Collins entering Drake’s home

TMZ reported on the 2017 trespassing incident, although her name was unknown at the time.

According to the publication, an associate of Drake found Mesha Collins in his residence wearing one of the rapper’s hoodies.

Collins, then 24 years of age, claimed she had permission to be in his home and admitted to helping herself to a Pepsi, Sprite, and Fiji water.

As a result, she was charged with felony burglary. A man also broke into Drizzy’s home that same year.

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