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Demi Lovato reveals gash on their face, needed stitches after accident with crystal 

demi lovato
Demi Lovato needed stitches on their face after using a crystal went awry. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Singer Demi Lovato, who has been promoting their new album, revealed an unfortunate injury on their forehead.

Demi, who recently explained that they ditched the “California Sober” lifestyle for a more straight-edged approach, was all smiles while they shared the unfortunate information.

The Heart Attack singer revealed the news on social media with a short, but succinct TikTok video.

Demi shared the video with the 3.7 million people who follow the celebrity on the platform.

Demi’s video coincided with the Buck Full Moon. Full moons are lunar events when people use their crystals and charge the stones with “healing energy.”

Unfortunately, it appeared that Demi had a mishap with a healing crystal that ended up harming the star.

Demi Lovato injures forehead and eyebrow, requiring stitches

The video featured a glammed-up Demi as they smiled slightly at the camera. Demi rested their head in their hand with a beautifully manicured hand over their forehead. 

It became apparent that Demi was hiding something under their hand. Demi slowly moved away from their hand and smiled to reveal a gash on their forehead, which cut through their eyebrow. Luckily, the singer sought medical help before posting the video.

Although Demi did not speak in the short clip, a quick look at the caption gave the details about what happened to the extraterrestrial-loving singer. They Are Gonna Know by Heliqs played in the background.


Guess who hit their head on a crystal and has to get stitches before Kimmel tomorrow??? 🙋🏻🙋🏻 #substance #fuck


Demi wrote in the caption, “Guess who hit their head on a crystal and has to get stitches before Kimmel tomorrow??? 🙋🏻🙋🏻 #substance.”

Demi mentioned that the head injury coincided with a late-night performance, which was certainly not ideal timing.

Last month, Demi appeared on another Jimmy show and told Jimmy Fallon about making a sober album.

Demi Lovato makes an album while sober

Demi Lovato’s newest album is titled Holy Fvck, and they appeared on Jimmy Fallon, where they described the songwriting technique used.

Demi said the latest album differed because they had not always created music while sober. 

Demi was a previous proponent of the California Sober lifestyle, a way of life that Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy has championed. Demi also divulged that they stopped leading the California sober lifestyle because it no longer worked.

Demi shared, “I’ve definitely been through a ton– that’s no secret to the world. After going through even more stuff last year, I came out of treatment again, and I realized I really want to do this for myself.” 

Demi continued, “The best way to do that and the easiest way to do something the most authentic is to do it clean and sober. I made this album clean and sober. I can’t say that about my last album, but this one– I’m really, really proud about.”

The release date for Holy Fvck is August 19, 2022.

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