Deez Nutz death hoax: Welven Da Great is not dead

Welven Da Great being interviewed on radio
Welven Da Great aka Deez Nutz guy, is alive and well despite rumors that he had passed away. Pic credit: @Pover 106 Los Angeles/YouTube

Welven Da Great, otherwise known as the man behind the Deez Nuts sketch (sometimes spelled Deez Nutz), is not dead, despite the many rumors surrounding this former internet star.

Welvin Harris, aka Welven Da Great, first rose to fame in 2015 when he posted a video of himself on the phone to his dad joking about how “deez nuts” had arrived in the mail.

It quickly grew into a meme as people substituted Welven’s voice shouting “deez nutz” into various humorous situations.

For reasons best known to the internet gods, the Deez Nutz guy has been subjected to various death hoax rumors. Last July, one of these rumors gained a lot of traction online, with many folks sharing condolences. However, it was soon debunked when a friend of Welven’s said he’d spoken to him the day before.

The latest rumor came about after someone calling themselves Muscle Bound posted a video to YouTube, which appeared to show an image of Welven Da Great lying unconscious.

The video then showed images of Welven on a bus and wandering the streets looking down and out. The person doing the filming suggested that it was a shame that he appeared to be homeless, and they claimed Welven’s management must have taken advantage of him.

Several other videos have appeared on YouTube in recent months, which suggested that the Deez Nutz guy is homeless and is living on the street.

Welven Da Great, aka Deez Nuts guy, is not dead

However, a video appeared online last night featuring Welven looking very much alive and well. He stared straight into the camera and said: “I’m alive, and I’m ok.”

He was joined in the video by a woman who said she was his cousin. She said she wished the blogs stating that Welven is dead would stop. She said: “Welven has a family that loves and cares about him… I wish these rumors would stop, and I wish you guys would leave Welvin alone. Stop bullying him on the streets.”

She further explained that Welven likes to spend time on the streets, but he regularly comes “home” to rest up for a few days before going back out on the streets. She said: “We don’t want that for him, but this is something he wants to do.”

She finished the video by saying that no one has taken advantage of Welven and she reiterated that he is very much loved.

Welven Harris found fame as the Deez Nuts guy

Here is a video of Welven’s routine that first made him famous.

Last week, the controversial YouTuber Shane Dawson also became the subject of a death hoax. Rumors of his death started trending on Twitter, but they were later found to be untrue.

Earlier this year, actor Ned Luke, best known for playing Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V, also became the subject of completely unfounded internet rumors that he had passed away.

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