No, Ned Luke has not passed away: GTA V actor death hoax spreads on Twitter

GTA V actor Ned Luke
Actor Ned Luke is known for playing Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V. Pic credit: @GTA Grand Theft Auto/YouTube

Grand Theft Auto V star Ned Luke is not dead despite messages that some are sharing on social media platforms, including Twitter.

Many social media users took to Twitter earlier today to share tweets claiming that the actor, best known for voicing and portraying Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), has passed away.

“The man who plays Michael De Santa on GTA5, Ned Luke, has passed away and I have never felt a heartbreak as big as this one,” one person tweeted.

Others doubted the death reports and took to Twitter only to make inquiries, while some tried to shut down the rumor, saying it was false.

“@ned_luke yo there is a bunch of hoax stories about you on the internet!! They are doing it for clout!!” one fan messaged Luke on Twitter.

If you’ve heard the rumor that Ned Luke is dead and are wondering whether it is true, here is what you need to know.

Screenshot of claim that GTA5 star Ned Luke had passed away.
Pic credit: @fac3l3ssdoll/Twitter
Another screenshot of claim that GTA5 star Ned Luke had passed away.
Pic credit: @davidloddls23/Twitter
Yet another screenshot of claim that GTA5 star Ned Luke had passed away.
Pic credit: @ElijahL28173974/Twitter

Is Ned Luke dead?

Despite the hoax reports and rumors being shared on social media, actor Ned Luke is not dead.

No reliable news source is reporting his death. Rumors that he has passed away are being spread by social media users posting unsubstantiated “reports” on Twitter and TikTok (see one below):

Although the actor last updated his Instagram and Twitter pages about a week ago, his family, friends, and reps have not announced that he has passed away.

How did the Ned Luke death hoax start?

False reports that Ned Luke is dead started making the rounds on social media after the actor announced on January 16 that he was admitted to the hospital and receiving treatment for COVID-19.

“Yesterday I was admitted to Emory John’s Creek with CoVid Pneumonia,” Luke tweeted. “This s**t is real and it ain’t fun. I’ll be down for a while but I’m coming back strong as ever. Soon. Take care and thanks for the support. The folds on the front line are true heroes. Support them.”

Many fans responded to the tweet with well-wishes and prayers for his quick recovery.

Luke took to Twitter a few days later to announce his recovery

The actor took to social media again on January 18 to announce that he was “crushing COVID” and recovering.

On January 19, he posted a video showing him walking out of a hospital building and making a call to say he was “back.”

He also took to Twitter on January 20 to thank healthcare workers at North Georgia and Emory John’s Creek Hospital for saving his life.

Fans celebrated Luke’s announcement that he had recovered from COVID-19 and sent congratulatory messages on social media.

Ned Luke is known for voicing Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V. He is also known for voicing Raffles in the animated film Rover Dangerfield.

He has appeared on many TV shows, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and NYPD Blue.

The latest death hoax comes after false reports swept the internet back in December 2019 that TikTok star Mattia Polibio had died.

People also spread false reports in July 2019 that TikToker Alex Guzman had died.

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