Mattia Polibio death hoax sweeps internet: TikTok star was NOT found dead

Mattia Polibio on TikTok
Mattia Polibio is a teenage TikTok star. Pic credit: @mattiapolibio/TikTok

Mattia Polibio death rumors recently emerged on social media. The rumors, sparked by a fake news report, left many fans of the social media star worried. However, there is no evidence that Polibio has passed away and no reliable news sources are reporting his death.

The rumors emerged on Instagram after some users circulated the screenshot of a search engine result that listed a report, titled “Matia Polibio Found Dead Last Night.” But the search engine ascribed the report to a notorious prank website that is known for publishing fake news reports.

The website invites users to “create a prank to trick your friends.” It allows users to post fake news reports about celebrities. The website has been the source of multiple death hoaxes in recent months.

Who is Mattia Polibio?

Mattia Polibio is a young social media star from New Jersey.  He is active on TikTok, where he has more than 2.1 million followers. Polibio is 16 years old, according to his TikTok page.

He is best known for posting lip-sync videos, comedy, and other humorous content. His followers on TikTok love his humorous and witty content.

Mattia’s TikTok posts regularly receive hundreds of thousands of likes. His latest video on TikTok has received more than 193,000 likes.

Many of his young female fans think he is hot.

Polibio is also active on Instagram where he has more than 640,000 followers. He posts photos of himself and his friends on Instagram. His posts receive thousands of comments and tens of thousands of likes. His last post to his Instagram account on December 6 has received more than 305,000 likes.

Polibio has been absent from social media for some days. His last post to Instagram is dated December 6.

His recent absence from social media caused concern among his fans.

Fans began to speculate about the cause of his absence from social media and some even voiced fears that something bad might have happened to him.

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