Chrissy Teigen shares a photo of her baby bump while getting acupuncture

Chrissy Teigen attends an event.
Chrissy Teigen showed off her baby bump as she relaxed for an acupuncture session. Pic credit: ©

Chrissy Teigen showed fans just how seriously she is taking her pregnancy health as she put her burgeoning bump on display.

The Lip Sync Battle alum, 36, announced recently that she and her husband, crooner John Legend, are happily expecting another child following a traumatic miscarriage in 2020, halfway through what was Chrissy’s third pregnancy at the time.

Sharing the good news with her fans via her Instagram page recently, Chrissy rocked sheer underwear and a crop top as she took a side snap that put her bump on full display.

Now that the news has been broken to the world, Chrissy has been allowing herself to show off her belly, posting more pics that reveal the bump that is dominating her middle.

In an Instagram Story, Chrissy recently shared a fun snap of her midsection, appearing to be lying flat on her back while taking a pic of a row of acupuncture needles that adorned her stomach area.

Some blue sky and a bunch of gray balloons could be seen above her and just beyond her feet.

No caption was offered for the photo, but it was clear that the star was making sure to take care of herself.

Chrissy Teigen shows off her baby bump while getting acupuncture.
Pic credit: @chrissyteigen/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen gets sober after miscarriage

While the star continues to delight fans with more posts and news of her latest pregnancy, Chrissy’s journey to becoming a mother for the third time has not been an easy one.

Following her tragic miscarriage of what would have been her third child and second son, a baby she and John named Jack, Chrissy took some time to heal emotionally and decided to get sober before attempting to get pregnant again.

About a year after the loss of Jack, Chrissy opened up about quitting alcohol, sharing a video of herself with her kids Luna and Miles while announcing that she was 50 days sober at the time.

“today is my 50 day sobriety streak!” Chrissy wrote in her post from 2021, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

“it should be nearly a year but I had a few (wine) hiccups in the road. this is my longest streak yet! I still dunno if I’ll never drink again but I do know it no longer serves me in ANY way. I don’t get more fun, I don’t dance, I don’t get relaxed. I get sick, fall asleep and wake up sick, having missed what was probably a fun night. I had my fun with it and appreciate anyone that can enjoy it responsibly!!!!” she said.

A few months later, Chrissy celebrated her 6-month mark of sobriety, telling fans that “it sucks” despite feeling good about her progress.

“6 months no alcohol! Honestly kind of sucks saying it because even though I don’t ever crave it now, time has not exactly flown by haha. I prob won’t be excited til a larger milestone like at leasssst 5 years, and sometimes I don’t even know if I necessarily won’t ever drink again?” she wrote in another Instagram post, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

Shortly after, Chrissy revealed her 8-month sobriety mark by also telling fans that she had completed rounds of IVF as she and John tried for another baby.

Chrissy Teigen displays her tan lines in a mirror selfie

Prior to announcing her most recent pregnancy, Chrissy got fans fired up when she posted a revealing mirror selfie, posing totally nude to show off some hilariously awkward tan lines that made strange track marks under her bust area.

“this is great,” she penned on the snap, which showed all of her naked front area from her neck to the tops of her thighs, one arm draped over her chest to cover it up while the bathroom sink edge cropped off her lower private area just barely.

Chrissy has made no announcement yet as to the due date of her baby, but fans will surely be eager to continue to follow her pregnancy as the star shares more updates.

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