Chrissy Teigen is eight months sober, just completed IVF 

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen talks about sobriety and IVF. Pic credit: ©

Chrissy Teigen is making some changes to her lifestyle, and she is sharing her progress.

Chrissy has been candid about her sobriety journey and her husband, John Legend’s, support during the trying time. Her sobriety comes at the same time as she undergoes IVF treatments. 

She attended the 7th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards on Saturday in Los Angeles and had news to share about her health. She told Entertainment Tonight that she is done with IVF and feels better. She also discussed her first awards season as a sober human.

Chrissy Teigen shares sobriety and IVF news

Chrissy Teigen revealed updates about her sobriety and a new chapter of her IVF journey.

She finished in-vitro fertilization recently and reported feeling better. 

She told Entertainment Tonight at the Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards, “I finished my IVF part, so I feel so much healthier and so much better with that.” 

The topic changed to her sobriety, and the model admitted that sober awards shows were different for her. 

She continued, “These things are very weird for me because I’m so used to getting so hammered at these things. Awards season, I very much connect to enjoying yourself and having champagne, but I also connected with those feelings of immense regret or stupid moments.”

Chrissy Teigen has shared fertility and alcohol struggles in the past

This is not the first time the Sports Illustrated model spoke about her sobriety and effort to remain alcohol-free. 

She celebrated 50 days of sobriety in September with an Instagram post. She discussed the benefits of sobriety and opened up about her journey with alcohol.

Chrissy made headlines in January as she reached six months of sobriety. She shared an Instagram post with a stylish black and brown suede outfit, but the caption is what received attention.

Her attitude was noticeably different from before, and she said she would not be excited until she reached a more substantial milestone. She also said sobriety “sucks” because time did not pass quickly. 

She wrote for the caption, “6 months no alcohol! Honestly kind of sucks saying it because even though I don’t ever crave it now, time has not exactly flown by haha. I prob won’t be excited til a larger milestone like at leasssst 5 years, and sometimes I don’t even know if I necessarily won’t ever drink again?”

Chrissy has notoriously shared nearly everything on social media and documented her IVF process on Instagram. She posted pictures of herself injecting IVF treatment as part of the egg retrieval process. Last month, she humbly begged fans to stop asking if she was pregnant because she was in the middle of the IVF process.

It looks like Chrissy is one step closer toward welcoming a third child.

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