Chris Evans girlfriend: Fans want to know if Captain America star is dating Alba Baptista

Chris Evans
Fans on Twitter speculate a relationship between Evans and the Portuguese actress. Pic credit: ©

American actor Chris Evans, most known for his role as Captain America in the MCU, posted an Instagram story that has fans doing FBI-level work. Many have speculated that he is currently in Lisbon visiting actress Alba Baptista. Baptista, 24, is a Portuguese actress most notably known for her role on the telenovela Jardins Proibidos.

Evans recently posted a video to his Instagram story, where he recorded a video at the request of a teacher.

The video starts off by him saying, “Hello, hello, Mrs. Z’s eighth grade class in the Jewish Foundation School! Chris Evans here, how’s everybody doing?”

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What did Chris Evans fans notice was suspicious about the video?

Although the sweet sentiment was meant to be the only focus of the Instagram story, people quickly focused on the location of where he shot it.

The story, reposted by fan account @_chris_cevans, can be seen below:

Certain things were pointed out – Including the dark green lamp in the background and the type of wall paneling behind him. It didn’t take long before people noticed the correlation between his room and the rooms in the Four Seasons Hotel in Lisbon. This led to the belief that Evans was in fact spending time in Portugal, presumably with Baptista.

People have already posted the connection to Baptista in the comments on the reposted video. One Instagram user commented, “Is he in Four Seasons in Lisbon? With Alba B?”

Dori Frisko's comment on Chris Evan's video
Pic credit: @_chris_cevans/Instagram

Another user came in with a similar comment saying, “Chris is in Portugal in a hotel room to see alba baptista.”

Instagram comment on Chris Evan's video
Pic credit: @_chris_cevans/Instagram

The slight speculation for a blossomed relationship between the two started with the actors following and liking each other’s posts on Instagram. The “liked” posts include a photo of Chris with his dog posted in November, and a mirror selfie of Alba posted in June.

Some have even gone to make the connection between the tattoo of the planet Saturn he has on his collarbone with the planet emoji she has in her Instagram bio. Watch the fan-made video compilation here.

People have primarily taken to Twitter to expose their theories on the relationship

A Twitter user showed side-by-side photos of the hotel room of the Four Seasons in Lisbon and Chris’s room in his video. She also accompanied the photos with the caption, “Hi guys! I’m here just to tell y’all that things between Alba Baptista and Chris Evans is getting pretty serious, after she and her entourage came to America to spend New Years with him, now he’s in LISBON! Even his hotel I can give to u: 4 Seasons Hotel Lisbon.”

Although the information about New Years has not been confirmed, the comparison photos do seem to have a shocking resemblance.

The user even took it one step further and circled the details that show the obvious similarities.

Although fans have also been vocal about their opinions on the 16 year age gap of Evans and Baptista, many claiming it as inappropriate, it is still unconfirmed if the two are actually an item. One thing is for certain – followers of Evans will surely be on the lookout for any more clues in all of his posts to come.

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1 year ago

Honestly the age gap is pretty gross considering she looks like the teenaged character she plays on her show. If someone told me she was 16 I’d believe it. What a cliche he turned out to be. Mid-life crisis much? Ew.

1 year ago

How can someone be intentionally deceptive and a liar, but claim to follow the teachings of Buddhism??? Chris Evans is a fraud. Dodger and Buddhism are simply part of his grift