Chris Brown shares alleged audio from rape accuser before putting her on blast

Chris Brown rape lawsuit
Singer Chris Brown is the father of two children. Pic credit: ©

Chris Brown has hit back at his alleged rape accuser, sharing audio and text messages he says are from the woman — and claiming they prove that their encounter was consensual.

As previously mentioned on Monsters & Critics, the singer was presented with a $20 million rape lawsuit from the mystery woman’s lawyers.

Brown has faced numerous allegations of assault and has been banned from performing in multiple countries as a result.

However, he has also had criminal charges dropped, hitting back at accusers with countersuits.

Chris Brown’s rape accuser loses lawyers after text and voice messages leak

The unidentified woman who sued Chris Brown with claims he drugged and raped her at a Miami yacht party has been dropped by her lawyers in light of the text messages uncovered by police, according to Page Six.

Chris Brown shared a series of texts and voice messages on his Instagram stories to prove the woman continued to pursue a relationship with him despite the allegations of sexual assault.

Jane Doe’s alleged text messages say Chris was “the best d**k [she] ever had.”

In addition, the No Guidance singer shared audio messages that were allegedly sent from his rape accuser, in which she shares her desire to see him again.

“You’re giving me mixed signals,” she says in the audio, continuing: “You’re reading my messages and stuff but you haven’t replied to me so I guess you don’t hate me… I just wanna see you again. I mean, just answer the phone. You just hung up… Like, just let me know. If you want me to leave you alone, I definitely will. But I really just wanna f**k with you again.”

Brown also shared a statement on his Instagram story, revealing that he has taken legal action against the accuser and implored the media to report the leaked messages with as much commitment as the accusations were reported.

“No more dragging me through the mud. CLEARLY YOU CAN ALL SEE THE [CAP]. Now let’s see if the media will keep that same energy they had trying to destroy me, to Run the real story. Me and my team are taking legal action on this situation. You don’t play with people lives like that.”

Chris Brown has hit back before

This isn’t the first time the R&B superstar has hit back at an accuser. In 2016, a woman reported Brown to the police, claiming he threatened her with a gun.

Brown was arrested after the media reported a “standoff” with the police after allegedly refusing to grant them entry to his home to search for the gun.

Charges were later dropped, and Brown sued the accuser for defamation, prevailing in the lawsuit after test messages revealed she planned to “set him up,” per TMZ.

In 2019, the singer sued another rape accuser for defamation in Paris after being released with no charges against him.

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