Cardi B deletes Twitter after fighting with fans over GRAMMYs no-show because they went for her kids

Cardi B Grammys twitter spat
Cardi B was nominated for Best Rap Performance at the GRAMMYs. Pic credit: ©

Cardi B got into a heated debate with her fans, leading to her deleting her Twitter account.

The Bodak Yellow rapper’s disgruntled fans called her out for skipping the 2022 GRAMMYs, in which she received a nomination for Best Rap Performance for her single Up.

The 29-year-old recently made history with her only album, Invasion of Privacy, with every song on the project gaining a platinum certification.

Recently, Cardi has spent a lot of time with her two children while teasing a follow-up to her GRAMMY-award-winning debut album.

Cardi B and her fans fight on Twitter over GRAMMY no-show

Many of Cardi B’s fans expected her to show up at the 64th GRAMMY Awards.

“My thing is, why hype us up if you know you not going from the jump?” an angry fan tweeted about the rapper, continuing: “She needs to take her fans more seriously cuz this is getting ridiculous, I’m sorry.”

Cardi B responded, denying that she got her supporters excited for any GRAMMY appearance.

“When did I hype y’all up? Where and when did I ever [give] hints? Like are you okay?” she said in response, continuing. “I’m not going to a award if I don’t got a new song to perform Or my album ain’t out.”

Another fan expressed disappointment that Cardi did not warn them that she won’t appear at the GRAMMYs; however, the rapper argued that her Instagram Stories showed that she was at home in New York.

A fan appeared to cross the line when the person mentioned Cardi’s son in an attempt to taunt her about not releasing new music.

“I bet yo son wouldn’t like for you to be on your ass while teasing us fans and never dropping music,” in a quote tweet, Cardi responded: “I hope your moms die.”

One of Cardi’s supporters noticed that mentioning her kid was a step too far, tweeting: “it’s really not that deep fr,” to which the mother of two agreed responded:

“Don’t mention my kids the f**k why bring my son up,” she wrote.

Cardi B explains deleting her Twitter account

Cardi B announced that she deleted her Twitter before leaving the social platform.

“I’m deleting my Twitter but on God I hate this fu*kin dumbass fan base. You got the slow dumbasses dragging my kids all cause y’all [thought] I was going to the Grammys, and I didn’t, the f**k?,” she said, continuing:.“When the f**k I hinted I was going? Just fuvkin stupid. I can’t. I needs to protect myself,” she wrote shortly before deleting her account.

Cardi went on Instagram Live to further explain why she blasted her fans on Twitter. She said being attacked by her own fans “pissed her off,” reiterating her anger when one of them brought up her son.

Cardi B frequently interacts with her fans on social media but appears to need a break from her Twitter account.

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