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Candace Cameron Bure under fire again as Hilary Duff’s husband calls her out

Matthew Koma and Candace Cameron Bure
Matthew Koma has called out Candace Cameron Bure. Pic credit: ©

Candace Cameron Bure just can’t catch a break lately as she’s now been called out by Hilary Duff’s husband, Matthew Koma.

The Winnetka Bowling League lead singer took aim at the Fuller House star over a TikTok video she made in early July to share her American pride and to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Now, Duff’s husband has put her on blast in a duet with Bure’s original video and an explanation for why he has taken offense.

This latest call-out comes hot on the heels of Bure’s drama with JoJo Siwa over another viral TikTok video.

Bure ended up doing all the explaining after Siwa took to the social media app with a “rudest celebrity” reveal that left the 46-year-old actress reeling.

And while the dust still hasn’t settled on that celebrity beef, with Bure’s daughter jumping in the mix, now the Hallmark star can add Hilary Duff’s husband to her growing list of celebrity feuds.

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  1. Not everyone knows the meaning of many songs. Not to mention this particular song, people only hear “Born in the U.S.A and their brain goes to one thing. Why are people always nitpicking at people

    • If you didn’t know the meaning of a word would you walk around using it? The response of an intelligent person would be “no”.
      It’s 2022 and a world of knowledge is at the fingertips of most people in developed countries.
      At this point much of the claimed “ignorance” is really apathy and lazyness.

  2. Drop this already! There are more important things going on in our world than this word came. Enough! Let Cameron be. Let JoJo be! Let’s concentrate on more important life issues at hand! #bekindtoothers

  3. Who is the guy? He just trying to get done free publicity for his bimbo wife . And the so called media anytime someone mentions Candace name they jump all over the comment. Way to go Monsters and Critics giving so called celebrities and their husbands free publicity. I wonder who the next so called celebrity will be.

  4. I mean… he’s right though. That song IS about how the Vietnam veterans were treated like crap when they got back. It’s *not* the best song to be used for celebrating America. Why they always play it at the 4th of July is beyond me.
    Candace Cameran (& her brother)have always been extremely opinionated about their faith and how it affects how they perceive and interact with the world around them. Whoever put Jojo siwa and Candace at the same event should have been fired. Those two were very obviously not going to get along. Candace religious beliefs won’t allow her to accept or acknowledge someone like Jojo. It’s sad that she feels the need to hate and discriminate against someone because of who they choose to love. Candace is portrayed as a well spoken, mold mannered, ‘good person’. Yet she’s actually very judgemental and a little bitchy when her faith and fitness lifestyle are called into question.
    The whole world thought Ellen was a nice person too, but we’re seeing now, that isn’t true. So. I doubt Bure is really as nice as she pretends to be.


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