Bruce Campbell doesn’t think CM Punk replacing him as Ash in Evil Dead is groovy

Bruce Campbell doesn't think CM Punk replacing him as Ash in Evil Dead is groovy
CM Punk in Girl on the Third Floor. Pic credit: Netflix

Former WWE superstar CM Punk just starred in the very disturbing Netflix horror movie Girl of the Third Floor.

Not only did the movie impress true horror movie fans (while disgusting and pushing away mainstream Netflix viewers), but it also made some people think about CM Punk in the role of Ashley Williams in an Evil Dead reboot.

However, Bruce Campbell, the man who made Ash an icon, said not to go so fast.

WWE fans like CM Punk as Ash in Evil Dead

Straight up, Girl on the Third Floor has a lot of similarities to Evil Dead.

Sure, there are no Deadittes and trees that assault girls in the woods, but the creepy and disturbing evil entity haunting a guy in an old house, mixed with the brilliant use of practical effects over CGI, really hit home to fans of Evil Dead.

Remember, in the first movie, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell were two college students who went out and shot their movie without a budget, using anything they could find to make their movie look scary.

Girl on the Third Floor might not be microbudget like Evil Dead, but it had a true love of DIY effects.

And fans on Twitter thought that CM Punk could be a perfect Ash in an Evil Dead reboot.

However, that last tweet might be the way to go.

Bruce Campbell did not think the idea of CM Punk taking his role as Ash was groovy in any way.

Bruce Campbell responds to CM Punk as Ash

Bruce Campbell took to Twitter to respond to the original Dread Central story about CM Punk portraying Ash.

So, maybe CM Punk could be Lash or Bash or Nash — maybe even as the long-lost son of Ashley Williams!

Of course, as the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead showed, Ash already has a daughter he didn’t know about, as the two of them battled Deadittes together back in Ash’s old hometown.

It isn’t out of reach that he could have a son he didn’t know about as well.

This also comes after the news that Sam Raimi is, in fact, making a fifth Evil Dead movie. There were the first two with Ash in the old cabin in the woods, followed by Army of Darkness, where Ash went back in time, and then a reboot that gender-swapped the lead character, but then showed it all existed in the same world in the post-credits.

So, what is in store for the next movie?

Raimi said that he would love to do the movie with Campbell returning as Ash, but Campbell shot it down, saying he was officially retired as Ashley Williams.

Of course, Motley Crue retired as well, and we see how that all turned out.

With that said, Campbell is returning … as a producer.

Campbell spoke at the Rock and Shock Convention in Massachusetts and said they have a “cool premise” and a new director had been chosen by Sam Raimi himself to tackle the next Evil Dead film.

Could it include CM Punk? After Girl on the Third Floor, some fans would love to see that happen.

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