Netflix’s Girl on the Third Floor is leaving viewers disturbed

Netflix's Girl on the Third Floor is leaving viewers disturbed
CM Punk in Girl on the Third Floor. Pic credit: Dark Sky Films

WWE fans have known about the horror movie Girl on the Third Floor for over a year now since it stars WWE legend CM Punk in the lead role and he has promoted it throughout its production.

However, anyone who expected Girl on the Third Floor to be just another B-grade horror movie with a WWE superstar might be very surprised.

As a matter of fact, for fans of horror, the movie turned out to be a true gem when it hit Netflix, with many fans calling it the most disturbing and scary movie that they have ever seen.

Girl on the Third Floor

Netflix has the synopsis for the new horror movie listed as follows:

“A husband with a bad track record tries to start anew by renovating a rundown Victorian for his family, only to find he’s tackled a house out of hell.”

Fans seem very interested, as it currently ranked as the fourth most-watched movie on Netflix for the day of Feb. 27.

As the trailer shows, the CM Punk character, Don Koch, might have had a “bad track record” but he still seemed to have his foot dipping into forbidden waters.

As with the best horror movies, when people do bad things, bad things happen to them. In the case of Girl on the Third Flood, very, very bad things happen to Don Koch.

The movie was written and directed by newcomer Travis Stevens, who said the story was based on a real house and its backstory.

Before it hit Netflix, Girl on the Third Floor was also screened at film festivals across the world, including South by Southwest and FrightFest London 2019.

Fan response calls it “disturbing”

Many fans have called Girl on the Third Floor very disturbing, possibly the most disturbing movie many claimed to have ever seen.

Part of the reason might be the incredibly gross and gory use of practical special effects over CGI animation. Fans of movies like Evil Dead can appreciate the work that goes into creating realistic, yet horrific, effects from scratch.

Girl on the Third Floor can add its name to the movies that used practical effects to great use.

For horror fans, this review by Daily Dead’s Heather Wixson should leave them wanting to stop everything to watch this now:

“Stevens’ directorial debut feels like if Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft had teamed up to make The Money Pit.”

If that isn’t enough to convince you to watch it (if you are a horror movie fan, at least), it has a 79 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes while mainstream fans gave it a 32 percent rotten score.

This is proof that horror fans might want to give it a look based on how much it bothered those 68 percent of fans who hated it.

Girl on the Third Floor is currently streaming on Netflix.

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