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CM Punk makes shocking pick for WWE Royal Rumble winner

CM Punk makes shocking pick for WWE Royal Rumble winner
CM Punk has his pick on who should win the Royal Rumble. Pic credit: WWE

CM Punk was back on WWE Backstage last night and he gave his pick for who he believes should win the WWE Royal Rumble this year.

Before he made the picks, he clarified that he was talking about who he thought should win the Royal Rumble, not who he thought was going to win the Royal Rumble, as those are two different things.

While the smart money is on Roman Reigns winning and going on to face The Fiend at WrestleMania, CM Punk had a lot better idea which involved pushing a young star to the top.

If CM Punk was booking the WWE Royal Rumble match, he said he would have NXT star Keith Lee win.

CM Punk still sees NXT as the smaller brand, despite what WWE has tried to promote them as in recent months. He said that WWE caught lightning in a bottle with Keith Lee and they need to run with it.

Punk pointed out how Keith Lee was put over huge with his moment in the ring with Roman Reigns at the Survivor Series and that seems so long ago, even though it has only been two months.

According to CM Punk, WWE has a chance to make a huge star out of Keith Lee if they move fast and that he is good enough to deserve the bigger stage of a brand like Monday Night Raw. Punk said to have Keith Lee come in and toss Brock Lesnar and win it all.

When Christian said that he thought Brock Lesnar should win it all, starting at the first spot and just roaring through everyone, CM Punk said he would love to see that if just so he could watch the Twitter comments as soon as it happens.

Paige said she thought Otis of Heavy Machinery should win, which got a chuckle from CM Punk.

The WWE Royal Rumble takes place on Sunday night on WWE Network at 7/6c.

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