Britney Spears poses in a crop top as she declares: ‘I want to be feared’

Britney Spears at the Beauty Awards
Britney Spears tells her fans she would rather be feared than loved in her Instagram post. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Britney Spears has officially unlocked a new nickname after her latest social media post — Britney Fears.

The singer, 40, posted a series of images to her Instagram feed that mostly included the Toxic star in a matching black set.

Although she rocked a crop top and a high-slitted skirt, the focus of her post seemed to be on what she declared in her caption.

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Britney stated she would rather be feared than loved

The popstar first wrote that during her Las Vegas shows back in the day, she used to attend meet and greets where her fans would take “the worst” photos of her before having to put on an exhausting show for them.

Britney went on to say that during a recent trip to Sin City, she was actually able to go to the spa and relax instead of performing nonstop for two hours straight. However, she was not thrilled when her masseuse gave her the backhanded compliment – “people do love you!”

She followed with, “I don’t want to be loved… I want to be feared!!!”

Britney Spears in her latest Instagram post
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Spears felt extremely offended by the remark and wanted to tell her followers how she feels about others pitying her. “Being loved and being nice got me taken advantage of……so take your pity and go f**k yourselves,” she wrote.

For her outfits, the main star of the post was the first look that consisted of a black off-the-shoulder long-sleeved top with an accompanying black skirt. The skirt also featured a high slit that showed off her bronzed legs, presumably from her recent vacation in French Polynesia alongside her fiancé Sam Asghari.

After multiple photos in the black outfit, she posted another solo shot of her wearing silver pants and a gold-patterned tank, as well as another in low-rise jeans and a cropped multicolor flannel button-up.

What did fans have to say about Britney’s desire to be feared?

Top comments on the recent photos show just how supportive of the singer her fans are.

One user wrote, “No pity here! You’re so strong to live through what you went through! I wish I had half of your tenacity!” After being under a controlling conservatorship for 13 years and finally breaking free, it’s no wonder Britney’s tenacity is what her followers have found most admirable.

Comment saying they don't pity Britney
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Former Vanderpump Rules alumni Dayna Kathan chimed in with, “Looking happy and healthy and full of sass – we love to see it! It’s your time brit, can’t wait to read every page of your book.”

It was announced earlier this year that Britney will be writing her own tell-all memoir with the publishing house, Simon & Shuster. The memoir comes after the controversial release of her sister Jamie Lynn’s book, Thing I Should Have Said.

Dayna Kathan comment on Britney's post
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Along with showing respect for the singer, others have introduced a new nickname for the celebrity – Britney Fears.

Comment calling the singer Britney Fears
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Britney has made it clear that she does not wish to be pitied and fans have shown that they have no intention of doing so. As long as she is happy, Britney’s loyal followers have made it known that they will continue to support her from the sidelines.

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