Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean reveals secret behind 30-lb weight loss transformation

AJ McLean pictured
AJ McLean at the Venom premiere event in LA. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean has opened up about his physical transformation and how he lost 27 pounds in eight months.

McLean revealed that his weight loss journey began when he appeared on Dancing with the Stars Season 29 in 2020.

However, he recently shed a lot of weight this year when hosting a reality TV series in South Africa titled The Fashion Hero: A New Kind of Beautiful.

“I was doing a TV show in South Africa this past February. So between February and now, I’ve lost 27 lbs.,” he said.

“And once you get into a routine, and you start to see results and you start to feel better, you sleep better, your mental state of mind is better, your focus is better,” the pop singer said, continuing:

“You just want to keep that up. You don’t want to go backwards,” he revealed in an interview with People.

AJ McLean shares stunning before and after photos following impressive weight loss

The 44-year-old shared an Instagram post in September showing the results of his weight loss effort.

In the before photo, a chubbier McLean is pictured on vacation throwing up the peace sign.

In the after photos, he poses topless in a gym looking shredded and lean. In the caption, he encouraged his followers to partake in a healthy lifestyle.

Before shedding the pounds, McLean also became sober last year after over 25 years of alcohol and substance abuse.

McLean also revealed that his tour with the Backstreet Boys also helped him stay in shape.

He said to People that performing at 115 degrees during the summer helped keep the pounds off due to singing and dancing in high humidity.

He compared being on tour to being an athlete due to the high-work rate they maintain while performing.

“What we put our bodies through is… very much what athletes go through during a season, or during a preseason,” he says. “And on top of that we’re singing,” he said to the outlet.

AJ McLean explained why his nine-year-old daughter changed her name

The Backstreet Boys singer revealed that his daughter wanted to change her name from Ava to Elliott and said that he will support her wish.

He clarified that it was not “a transgender thing” in an interview with People.

AJ explained that his daughter felt that her name was not unique enough and there are a lot of Ava’s in her school.

McLean told the outlet that his daughter got the name idea after watching Pete’s Dragon.

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