Authorities have a new theory about what happened to Bob Saget in his final hours

Bob Saget at The 18th Annual International Beverly Hills Film Festival
Police have a new theory about how Bob Saget hit his head. Pic credit: ©

Police reportedly have a new theory about what led to Bob Saget’s death.

Saget was found dead in his hotel room on January 9 while on a comedy tour.

An autopsy confirmed that he suffered multiple skull fractures and that the cause of his death was “blunt head trauma.” The report also stated that illicit drugs and alcohol were not involved.

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At the time, the autopsy sparked speculation about how Saget could have gotten such a serious head injury.

New theory on how Saget hit his head

Authorities told People they investigated Saget’s room looking for traces of blood or hair but found nothing.

They even checked a surveillance video but saw nothing suspicious.

Saget showed no signs of distress in the video.

He reportedly used his key card to enter his room at 2:17 AM. The door didn’t open again until the hotel security came in and found him dead.

Authorities now reportedly have a new theory that Saget lost consciousness in the bathroom and fell backward, hitting his head on the marble floor.

They believe that he regained consciousness and went into bed, where he lost consciousness again and died.

Celebrities pay tribute to Bob Saget

Since Saget’s passing, many celebrities have paid tribute to him.

John Mayer revealed that he’s been working on a song for Saget.

During an interview with Andy Cohen, Mayer said: “I have this song that’s my friend, sort of my little collection plate for ideas or thoughts I have about Bob. I put it in the plate and keep working on the song. I work on it when I’m in the car and driving. I know how the song goes. This song that I have is very much this connected tissue I have to him, and I just keep working on it.”

He explained, “You just discover what is more to be loved in this lifetime and that was Bob’s whole thing. Bob knew how much I loved him mostly because I said, ‘I love you too.’ And he engendered that relationship with us. I would not have said it to him as much if he had not said it to me first repeatedly.”

Actress Candace Cameron Bure, who played Saget’s daughter on Full House, posted a photo and wrote a touching caption.

“Oh, Bob. Why’d you have to leave us so soon? We are all family, but you were the glue,” she began. She went on to detail what she learned from Saget and how close they were.

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