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Ashley Underwood marries Larry David: Who is the Curb Your Enthusiasm star’s new bride?

Newlyweds Ashley Underwood and Larry David enjoy some together time
Ashley Underwood and Larry David enjoy their dog Bernie’s hijinks Pic credit: @AshleyUndrwd/Instagram

Ashley Underwood, the longtime girlfriend of Larry David, wed the Curb Your Enthusiasm lead in a low key Southern California wedding on Wednesday.

This is Larry’s second marriage — and no, actress and Curb co-star Cheryl Hines was never his real wife, as many fans believe. He was previously wed to environmentalist Laurie David from 1993 to 2007.

Although Ashley has been keeping under the radar about the details of her relationship with Larry, the story broke that the two exchanged nuptials thanks to a surprise post from People on Oct. 9.

Details have been scant about the wedding when the vows David and Underwood exchanged apparently happened during an intimate ceremony.

Who is Ashley Underwood?

So who is Ashley Underwood?

Not much is known about the pretty lady who married 73-year-old funnyman Larry David this week. In fact, nobody has officially been able to reveal her actual age.

That said, she appears to be a bit younger than her new spouse with whom she had been dating for the past three years.

As for what Ashley does for a living? She has credits as a field producer on seven episodes of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Showtime satire, Where Is America. Meanwhile, Cohen’s wife Isla Fisher has been a guest star on David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm series.

So, given these Hollywood relationships, it makes sense that Ashley would run into Larry at some point. And he did — at Sasha’s birthday party in 2017.

In fact, the two were reportedly seated at the same table next to each other, perhaps as a ploy to give the pair a push into finding romance.

Larry told the New York Times he did his best to woo her during dinner, and then he got up and made his way out of the celebration without finishing his meal.

“Much to her surprise, I left before dessert. I was doing so well, banter-wise, I didn’t want to risk staying too long and blowing the good impression,” he admitted to the source.

Larry David and Ashley Underwood at the 2018 Emmy Party
17 September 2018 – West Hollywood, California – Ashley Underwood and Larry David arrive at the HBO Emmy Party held at the Pacific Design Center in 2018. Pic credit: Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

That good impression apparently intrigued the blonde beauty because she started dating Larry that year and eventually moved in with him in 2019, as GQ reported in a January cover story about the actor.

Ashley Underwood likes pets

Ashley was said to be accompanied by her black-and-white cat Elwood when she took up residence with the comedian in his Pacific Palisades abode.

The two then adopted an Australian shepherd, Bernie, named after Bernie Sanders, the politician David regularly parodied on SNL. Bernie also happens to be Larry’s distant cousin, a fact discovered on PBS’ Finding Your Roots, according to Variety.

Ashley and Larry Deal With The Pandemic

These days, Ashley, Larry, Elwood, Bernie, and Larry’s daughter Cazzie have quarantined together as the COVID-19 pandemic plays out. These trying times have apparently been, well, trying for this tribe of Southern California-based house dwellers.

“There’s not a moment in the day when there isn’t friction between at least two of us,” Larry reported to The New York Times.

“Then when that gets resolved, two others are at each other’s throats, and it’s invariably about dishes. ‘You didn’t do the dishes!’ Or ‘You didn’t help with the dishes!'” the Seinfeld co-creator added in his winsome and, to some, bothersome way.

With that said, Ashley seems to enjoy how her new husband behaves, even if what he does seems off-putting to others.

For instance, the new bride talked with GQ about what often happens when they go out together.

“We’ll be at a dinner party, and Larry will take his last bit of food and just stand up for us to go.”

She adds, “I just shrug. He gets the laugh, and I get to ride his coattails.”

Apparently, Ashley Underwood is simply happy to be by her new husband Larry David’s side, no matter what the circumstances.

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