Ashley Graham shows off post-partum stretch marks in a colorful crop top

Ashley Graham close up
Ashley Graham posed in a crop top, showing off her post-partum stretch marks. Pic credit: ©

Ashley Graham proudly put her post-partum body on display, showing her belly and stretch marks in a colorful, corset crop top.

The plus-sized model wore the look with pride, posting a carousel of selfies that emphasized her ample chest, and curves.

Ashley captioned the photos, “serving you a modeling mama moment.”

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Ashley Graham showed off her post-partum body in a corset crop top

She was clearly proving she will wear what she wants and every other mom should as well, no matter how quickly they did or did not snap back into shape.

Over on TikTok, the Pretty Big Deal podcast host wore the same outfit and used a sound over her mouthing the words, “look at me, look at me. Wear the crop top. Wear the crop top!” She captioned the video, “WEAR IT.”

Ashley has been a body positivity advocate for a long time, and frequently posts pictures on Instagram showing the real side of motherhood.

Ashley has been open about the realities of motherhood

In a recent breastfeeding selfie, Ashley was tandem nursing both of her twins, Malachi & Roman, who were born in January. She looked exhausted, with a makeup-free face and bags under her eyes, as well as a messy bun in her hair. It was the mom-of-a-newborn look that many mothers can relate to.

She captioned the shot, “tired. but we’re here.”

Somehow, the mom of 3 has managed to continue working hard, even releasing her collaboration with lingerie brand Knix, called Ashley Graham x Knix just a few months after giving birth. She modeled for the collab, showing off her post-partum curves in multiple matching bra and underwear looks.

Ashley talked mental health during a recent panel event

But, what does she do for her own mental health as a mom? During a recent panel hosted by Revlon and mental health platform, Real, Ashley candidly spoke about motherhood to People and claimed she stayed away from social media for quite some time after giving birth to her twins.

She said, “I tandem feed the twins, and I’m just sitting there trying to keep myself awake. And what do you do when you try to keep yourself awake in the middle of the night? You go on social media.”

She continued, “I am such an unconscious scroller, and when I deleted Instagram from my phone, I recognized the shift so much that I started telling everybody, and it felt so liberating cause I’d never done that before. It was like this breath of fresh air.”

Ashley stated that she really tries to be present with her kids, and needs to be in a good place mentally for that to happen. She said, “As a mom now, if I’m not in a great place mentally, then I am not going to be present there for my kids. And I don’t want to miss these moments.”

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