Andre Marhold: Is he Jeffree Star’s new boyfriend?

Jeffree Star posing on Instagram
Jeffree Star teased fans with a photo of a new boyfriend, who may or may not be Andre Marhold. Pic credit: @jeffreestar/ Instagram

It looks like YouTuber and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics has a brand new boyfriend.

There had been rumors that Jeffree Star had been on a first date with actor Jozea Rosé, but proponents of that relationship will be disappointed to learn that Jozea is not the new man.

Jeffree surprised many fans by posting an intriguing pic to his Instagram feed of himself sprawled across the lap of a mysterious and muscular stranger.

The photo left many asking if the 34-year-old cosmetics entrepreneur has got himself a new boyfriend just five months after splitting from long-term partner, Nathan Schwandt.

He accompanied the photo by thanking God for his blessings: “Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year.”

This caused the internet to fire up into overdrive as a gigantic effort was made to identify the new beau.

Jeffree Star Instagram post
Pic credit: @jeffreestar/ Instagram

Fans tried to identify Jeffree Star’s new man

Internet sleuths immediately jumped into action to try to identify the mysterious tattooed and muscular gentleman. And so far, the general consensus is pointing to Andre Marhold. This is totally unconfirmed, but the evidence looks rather compelling.

Eagle-eyed internet users focused on the mystery man’s tattoos and noticed more than just a little similarity with Marhold’s body art.

Tweet of Andre Marhold playing basketball
Pic credit: @EmmaSleepySheep/ Twitter

So, who is Andre Marhold?

The tattooed and 6-foot-6 Marhold hails from Charlotte, North Carolina, and seems to have been quite the athlete, certainly when it comes to the basketball court.

Andre Marhold started his basketball career at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania. But it appears that in 2013 he took his basketball skills to Europe.

He first played in Austria for a team called St. Polten, a town not far from Vienna.

Marhold seems to have enjoyed playing in Austria; at the time, he reportedly said: “I feel like I’m the most athletic player in the league.”

For the following season, he moved north but kept the Germanic theme by playing for Germany’s JobStairs Giessen 46ers, not far from Frankfurt.

Either way, it seems he is now back in the good ole US, and according to his now locked Instagram page, he is residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He appears to have a child as he has been pictured holding a toddler.

According to, he describes himself as the CEO of a talent agency. His Instagram page does have a link to a company called the Belle Agency.

Neither Marhold nor Jeffree Star confirmed or denied their relationship. If they are having a relationship, they’re unlikely to keep it quiet for much longer, and Marhold may find himself in the limelight.

Jeffree Star hit the headlines and touched people’s hearts when back in March, he started sending cash to those in need.

He took to Twitter to tell fans who were struggling during lockdown to send him a tweet, and in return, he’d send some of his hard-earned cash.

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