Actor J.K. Simmons has a new mission: He wants to play movie dad to ‘every famous Chris’

J.K. Simmons on the red carpet
J.K. Simmons says he wants to play the movie dad of every “handsome, blue-eyed movie star stud named Chris.” Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson

J.K. Simmons has a brand new career goal, and that is to play the role of father to all the famous Chris’s that are out there in movie land.

The Law and Order star has already bagged Chris Evans when he played his dad in the Apple TV+ series Defending Jacob. And he’s apparently just finished new movie The Tomorrow War, where he played Chris Pratt’s father.

The 65-year-old Simmons told PeopleNow that he was a fan of Chris Evans  had enjoyed working with him on the show, he said he was “a good guy.”

However, he then expanded to reveal his new career goal: “My career plan now is to play the father of every handsome, blue-eyed movie star stud named Chris.

“So I checked off my Chris Evans box, and I just finished a film with Chris Pratt, where I play his father, so that’s number two.”

J.K. Simmons says Chris Pine and Hemsworth are next

Next on his list is Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth; he claims he’s not fussy about whose father he plays first. He stressed, “Chris Pine, I’m available, and Chris Hemsworth – in either order; I mean, we don’t have to go alphabetical.”

Simmons has shown himself to really go after a career goal when he sets his mind to it. Despite being over 60 years old, the Justice League actor really buffed up for his role as Commissioner Gordon in 2016.

Simmons got himself down the gym, where he worked hard with marine turned fitness guru Aaron Williamson to get his biceps absolutely bulging.

All of us at Monsters and Critics wish him the very best of luck in his noble endeavor.

Chris Evans reveals he suffers panic attacks

Meanwhile, Simmons’s movie son Chris Evans revealed last week that he often struggles with panic attacks that almost caused him to quit acting. The 38-year-old star of Captain America announced that his attacks are usually caused by his films being given bad reviews and also performing poorly at the box office.

Evans says his panic attacks first began while he was filming Puncture in 2010, and it caused him to reevaluate his career choice, thankfully for everybody he decided to stick with the acting.

Simmons’s other movie, son Chris Pratt, meanwhile, has been keeping busy during coronavirus lockdown, reprising his old role of Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation.

The old team recently go back together for a one-off fundraising special in aid of Feeding America, which runs food banks for Americans struggling to put food on the table during the coronavirus pandemic.

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