Aaron Carter’s ‘Clout Chaser’ Celina Powell arrested: Offset’s ‘fake baby mama’ behind bars over bonds

Celina Powell aka Black Widow
Celina Powell, whose nickname is “Black Widow”, during an appearance on Face The Truth with Vivica A. Fox. Pic credit: CBS

Celina Powell is making headlines again, but this time it’s not what you might think. Previously known as Aaron Carter’s “Clout Chaser” and a woman who has called out many hip hop stars for allegedly cheating with her, the so-called “Black Widow” is trending this time over an arrest in Colorado.

It all apparently went down on Saturday night outside of the Hubbly Bubbly Brewery in Aurora, Colorado. Celina was scheduled to do an appearance there but she never made it inside.

Bounty hunters were after Celina Powell

Celina Powell was reportedly wanted with more than $61,000 in outstanding bonds, causing bounty hunters to look for her in and around the Aurora area.

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They were tipped off about her location when Celina posted about her appearance at the Hubbly Bubbly Brewery on Saturday night and the bounty hunters staked out the parking lot in wait.

When Celina pulled up, they took her into custody and delivered her to the local jail where she was still sitting at the time of writing, awaiting a court appearance scheduled for Monday.

It’s not clear if she’ll be freed before the New Year or if she’ll remain behind bars as most of her offenses are pretty minor — shoplifting, speeding and unpaid traffic tickets.

The arrest has sparked a bit of controversy after one of the bounty hunters involved was caught on camera using the N-word. William Ellenburg is the bounty hunter in question and when TMZ asked him about the incident, he claimed not to be racist and said that he was using the word to prove that he was cool with the black men that he worked with.

One of the first Offset cheating accusers

If you’re scratching your head, trying to figure out why Celina Powell’s name is so familiar, it’s probably because she’s one of the first women to accuse Offset of cheating on Cardi B.

It was the Celina Powell scandal last year that nearly broke up Cardi B and Offset the first time. Right around the time that the pair was secretly married, the “Black Widow” came out accusing Offset of sleeping with her too. It’s not clear if he did or not.


However, Celina also claimed that Offset got her pregnant and that she was carrying his baby girl. It was a huge shocker for hip hop fans and the scandal dominated headlines for several days as Cardi B responded to the cheating allegations on social media as she often does.

Celina went as far as to produce fake paternity paperwork, claiming to prove that Offset was the father of her baby. It wasn’t until an interview with DJ Akademiks that Celina Powell admitted that the Offset paternity claims were completely fake, as was the baby “Karma” that she claimed was his.

She previously talked about her fake pregnancy plot on Vivica A. Fox’s Face The Truth TV.

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Snoop Dogg also accused of cheating with Celina Powell

Just months after the dust settled on the Offset paternity claims, Celina Powell was at it again. The “Black Widow” struck when she pointed the finger at hip hop icon Snoop Dogg, claiming that she slept with him too.

Celina claimed that she and Snoop Dogg had been Facetiming with each other and even provided “proof” in the form of messages and even a few explicit photos that she said were shared back and forth. She claims that the married rapper had more than 15 conversations with her.


Powell also claimed that she and Snoop had an affair, tweeting, “We f**ked to his gospel album.”

Snoop Dogg never commented on the Celina Powell cheating allegations directly but soon after the scandal broke, he did jump on social media to joke about a new show he was going to make called “Clout Chasers”.

Other claims made by Celina Powell

Offset and Snoop Dogg are not the only rappers Celina has put on blast. She has also claimed in the past to have gotten pregnant by both Fetty Wap and Chief Keef.

She has also been photographed in bed with Blac Chyna’s ex Ferrari and put Akon on blast after a video of them in bed together surfaced. Additionally, she’s been linked to Dwight Howard and O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Celina also kicked up a lot of drama when she claimed to have had an affair with Waka Flocka. Tammy Rivera’s husband even allegedly had a restraining order against her back in 2015 after claiming that Celina Powell was stalking him.


Aaron Carter calls out Celina Powell the ‘Clout Chaser’

Clearly, Celina Powell has a thing for hooking up with powerful hip hop stars but it looks like she dabbles in pop too. After the “Black Widow” preyed on former pop icon Aaron Carter, he also put her on blast, calling her a “Clout Chaser.”

Aaron exposed a slew of messy text messages from Powell, where she was begging to be with the I Want Candy singer. After allegedly telling Aaron in the messages how badly she wanted him, Celina threatened to expose his phone number and address if she didn’t get what she wanted.

Aaron beat her to it, posting his number first and calling her a “Clout Chaser,” a nickname that seems to have stuck.

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