Exclusive: Todd Hoffman breaks King Kong boulder on Gold Rush

Tonight on Gold Rush, Todd Hoffman is FINALLY hitting a streak finding great gold, but then hits a massive obstacle — a boulder the size of a large school bus. Todd’s shocking announcement last Friday that he was leaving the Discovery show has hit fans hard, but if our interview with him is anything to

The Kennedys and the Pope profiled in two new CNN Original Series

Power wrought by sheer force, rumored and real illegal acts and a cunning strategy to win at all costs — the path to wealth and power are outlined in two new CNN Original Series. American Dynasties: The Kennedys and Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History start on Sunday, March 11, and are at times

Watch the Pandas official trailer: Supercute with some serious messages

Warner Bros. Pictures have released the official poster and trailer to their forthcoming IMAX documentary Pandas. The movie follows the scientists working at Chengdu Panda Base in China, where the captive breeding program is preparing cubs for life in the wild. One researcher is trying out a new technique that was first used for a

Little Women Atlanta: Amanda begs Minnie to forgive Andrea

Amanda Salinas tries to get Ashley “Minnie” Ross to forgive her sister Andrea on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta — but it’s not going to be an easy task! Minnie is still fuming following the incident after Jordan’s proposal to Amanda, where Andrea freaked out over not being asked to help pick the ring and told

The Curse of Oak Island returns: Is keyhole part of a treasure chest?

The Curse of Oak Island returns to our screens tonight — with the discovery of a keyhole which is thought could be part of a missing chest. The History show’s fifth season took a one-week break last week due to the Winter Olympics getting under way. However, the series returns tonight with Season 5 Episode 14,