Little Women Atlanta: Amanda begs Minnie to forgive Andrea

Minnie and Amanda on Little Women: Atlanta
Minnie talks to Amanda on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta, but is she ready to forgive Andrea?

Amanda Salinas tries to get Ashley “Minnie” Ross to forgive her sister Andrea on this week’s Little Women: Atlanta — but it’s not going to be an easy task!

Minnie is still fuming following the incident after Jordan’s proposal to Amanda, where Andrea freaked out over not being asked to help pick the ring and told Minnie she wished she’d never had her as a godmother.

When Andrea asks tonight why Minnie didn’t accept Andrea’s apology, she replies: “At the moment I felt like…I shouldn’t accept it right now.”

In our exclusive clip, Minnie is trying to decide whether to attend Andrea’s baby shower and Amanda pleads with her by telling Minnie how their co-star Monie Cashette forgave Andrea after she also said “mean things” to her.

Amanda says: “We all fight — all the girls fight. But I think you should still go to Andrea’s baby shower because, you know, we’ve been there for you since day one.

“All the bull**** with Juicy and the lies and all that, we were still there for you so you should still go. You’re family to us and it’s not going to feel right to us if you’re not there.”

Amanda adds in an interview with producers: “Minnie has done some messed up things in the past and it was my sister who stood by her when nobody else did. She has to think about this, and forgive her friend.”

But Minnie isn’t immediately convinced, telling Amanda: “I don’t know, I just need some time to think about this.”

This week’s Little Women: Atlanta also sees Ms. Juicy land her first cover shoot for a magazine — but she takes a gamble by getting Sam to do her makeup. Meanwhile, Monie finally gets Morlin on board with having a baby but then realizes that things may be moving too fast.

Watch our exclusive clip below!

Little Women: Atlanta airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Lifetime. 

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